CAMP’s Favourite Blogs this Week!

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Hey CAMPers Its another wonderful Monday and we are excited to share our favorite marketing blogs by our members for this week. Please take a look below and check out the complete post for more insights. SOCIAL MEDIA’S ADAPTATION TO ONLINE BEHAVIOUR AND TREND By Mad Mix looks into the emergence of social media and how it has been tailoring online behaviours towards trendy holiday actions in regards to holidays and events, and how social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat continuously engage their users on a day to day basis by taking engagement to a new level. The Mind-Boggling Potential of Global D-Commerce highlights a newly defined term that goes by Digital Commerce and how this term is becoming increasingly prominent amongst businesses that solely operates in offering pure digital products or services. Check out Verbaccino in order to understand why D-commerce is an exceptional never-seen-before business model that will change the world in ways we haven’t begun to imagine. The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Email Marketing and Social Media Strategy highlights the importance of combining social media and email marketing strategies in order to create interactive and responsive campaigns that takes place over a variety of mediums. This strategy will help increase appeal dramatically, and can draw in an incredible number of potential customers. Thus the ability to handle both social media and email marketing will give off the impression that the company in question has their act together. Check out complete post at Elite Mail for more insights. Why is Marketing Getting More Difficult? This amazing blog examines how consumer’s habits have changed dramatically over the years and how these changes have altered the way they purchase products. In order to reach consumers who demand more, buys differently, and are aware of options one will have to be CREATIVE! Check out Candybox Marketing for more on this post.   About Us: The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) is a not for profit professional organization of marketers of all types. We are committed to providing an environment of collaboration and opportunity for marketers. Established in August of 2014, CAMP provides education, professional development, networking, awards, and mentoring for Canadian marketers. Find out more about us here.

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