Catering to what student’s care about most: Value

ASEQ Student Care

ASEQ | Studentcare, founded in 1996, is the only organization in Canada that specializes exclusively in student health. Twenty years later, they are the leading provider of student health care in Canada. They serve over 750,000 students at over 75 student associations, while representing 50 institutions, including McGill University, the University of Toronto, and the […]


ClearMotive Marketing Group: Bringing Brands to Life

ClearMotive Marketing Group

ClearMotive Marketing Group, nominated in the Integration category for the 2016 CAMP Marketing Awards, pioneer the possibilities of bringing brands to life by crafting impactful marketing solutions, redefining meaningful strategies and delivering engaging experiences. When trying to understand their client’s businesses from every which angle, they always start with taking the time to identify powerful […]


Building profitable relationships with target markets using strategic social media

Lyra Communications

CAMP’s 2016 Small to Mid-Size Marketer of the Year finalist Lyra Communications helps small to mid-sized clients build profitable relationships with their target markets. Lyra launched in 2009 training SMEs on social media back when common knowledge of the 2016 mainstream social was still in its early stages. From there they expanded to writing social […]


Using the power of video to connect with people on a purely human level

b-Mc Creative

Launched in June of 2012 by Bryan McCarthy Bolan, b-Mc is a video company committed to helping companies use the power of video to connect on a purely human level. He believes video is the leader in digital communications for both internal and external marketing campaigns. “Video is a gateway for connecting people,” explains Bryan. […]


Loyalty Programs that Drive Conversion: a Direct Marketing Technique that Works

Conversion Marketing Communications

Conversion Marketing-Communications, a finalist in CAMP’s 2016 Marketing Awards takes Direct Marketing to a whole new level Conversion Marketing-Communication’s vision in 2010 was to create the best-in-class loyalty and CRM programs for top Canadian brands. Six years later they are sitting as Canada’s leading loyalty and CRM expert, creating award-winning loyalty solutions for clientele including […]


Top 5 Learning points from Women of Influence in Marketing

Women of Influence in Marketing

As one of the two males in the room at CAMP’s most recent learning event, Women of Influence in Marketing, I was a little surprised at how much I learned regarding the continuously changing world of marketing. The speakers, Rita Ferrari, Cassandra Jowett, and Olga Romero-Marshall are all experienced women in the marketing workspace, who […]


CAMP Favourite Marketing Blogs for This Week! October 3, 2016

CAMP is pleased to share the list of favourite member marketing blogs for this week. Please check out the posts below for some ingenious tips and knowledge from our members. Found at candybox marketing: Dear Business Owner, Your Website SUCKS provides us with 4 common mistakes companies make on their website: I want my website to look like […]