The Marketing Awards are segregated into five essential areas of expertise which are necessary elements required to embody a professional marketer. They make up the toolkit required to create compelling narratives, and are as follows:

This award is given to the marketer that demonstrates excellence in developing, launching, and/or evolving a brand, through campaigns that may include areas such as advertising, public relations, communications, and/or social media. APPLY
This award identifies exemplary performance in direct marketing channel forms of marketing, such as direct mail, email, and other targeted media. APPLY
This award identifies exemplary performance in video marketing, such as video production and creative, development, and video marketing initiatives. APPLY
This category rewards the effective use of marketing in all categories of digital, including (but not limited to) SEO, SEM, social media, market research, video production, and data analysis/integration. APPLY
This category will award excellence in the use and integration of all marketing categories – digital to traditional media. APPLY
The ultimate prize of “Marketer of the Year” in the following categories:
  • Marketer of the Year – Corporate
  • Marketer of the Year – Small to Mid Size Enterprises
  • Marketer of the Year – Not-for-profit/government
  • Marketer of the Year – Entrepreneurs (1 to 5 employees)
  • NEW! Marketer of the Year – B2B (Business to Business exclusively)
  • NEW! Marketer of the Year – Start Up (in business less than three years)
  • Marketer of the Year – Students (must be enrolled in a full time marketing program by the award submission timeframe)