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The 4 P’s of Social Media

As marketers, we have all heard about the 4 P’s of marketing (price, promotion, product, place).  These 4 factors that make up the traditional marketing mix are what help ensure consumers notice and pay attention to a specific product or service. Social media, on the other hand, is a relatively new phenomenon in the marketing […]


Is there a connection between the CIA’s purported activities and high-level location marketing?

EQ Works

Recent releases by WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, claim that the CIA has developed software that can hack into the personal devices of everyday citizens. This means that the CIA can, in theory, turn on your phone or laptop camera or sound recording capabilities at anytime. The group would know everything about you – who you are, […]


How an Ice Cream Shop Can Explain Differentiated Target Marketing

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Providing information and content to a specific audience is one of the core features of marketing.  Content and campaigns are deemed a success when they reach the right people and provide a sufficient return on investment (ROI). However, choosing the right audience is not an easy task.  It is a marketer’s job to determine the […]


How Teaching High School Students Social Media Marketing can Benefit the next Generation of Marketers

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There are currently an abundance of marketing programs that are offered in Canadian colleges and universities that get post-secondary students the education they need heading into the workforce. When it comes to marketing and brand promotion, there is no doubt that the success of a business heavily depends on a company’s ability to market their […]


The MAD Mix’ Top Ads for Millennials

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Millennial marketing – The messaging is more inclusive, transparent, and adventurous. When advertising to millennials, the most important thing is to not appear as if you’re advertising. Go figure? We smell the motives of brands from a mile away and will hang up on a campaign that doesn’t feel authentic 9 out of 10 times. […]


4 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is an Ideal Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is currently a popular topic in the marketing world.  Defined as “the action of promoting and selling products or services through people (influencers) who have the capacity to have an effect on the character of a brand”[1], influencer marketing seeks to revitalize traditional and online marketing efforts by placing its focus on people […]


Is LinkedIn good for online lead generation?


LinkedIn is the most used career networking website across the world. With over 128 million members registered in the US and over 12 million in Canada, it provides a huge opportunity for networking and growing your potential audience reach. Historically, LinkedIn was seen as more of a job advertising website, but it is still very […]


How to Avoid the Most Common Company Newsletter Mistakes


In an era where Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms rule, email newsletters are still forces to be reckoned when it comes to marketing. On one hand, they can boost customer engagement, drive traffic to your site, and everything in between. On the other hand, failure to deliver your message in the most […]


How marketers can leverage emerging location technology to drive sales, sign-ups, and everything in between

EQ Works

Digital Marketing in 2017 – Location, Location, Location How marketers can leverage emerging location technology to drive sales,  sign-ups, and everything in between By: Mark Ditkofsky VP Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at EQ Works The location revolution has begun. As digital advertisers and buyers continue to uncover and develop more efficient methods to drive […]


The Concept of “Dark Social” and Why it is Important to Marketers


Dark Social first appeared in a 2012 article for The Atlantic and was coined by senior editor Alexis C. Madrigal.  It is defined as “the sharing of social content that occurs outside of what Web Analytics programs can track and measure.”[1] For example, say you found an interesting article on The Globe and Mail or […]