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The Fundamental Differences between Online Learning and Traditional Learning

Online Learning

Information and communication technology enables students to learn and interact with their teachers online. Many students prefer online learning because of its flexibility, ease of access, low cost, and speed, among other advantages. Teachers have a different experience when teaching online. Live online lessons share some similarities with traditional classroom lessons. Teachers present the subject […]


How to Improve Your Business’ Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

As a business owner, improving your marketing strategies is hugely important to the success of your company. However, with marketing trends constantly coming and going, entrepreneurs who have little to no experience of marketing can often struggle to effectively get the word out about their brand, products and services, which can lead to a decline […]


The Best Ways to Go Big on Social Media

Social Media

Starting a business is just the first step. Creating a product that customers actually want and marketing that product properly are the next. To have a successful business, you really can’t negate the power of social media and internet marketing in general. Fortunately, going big on social media is not as difficult as you think. […]


Tips for Marketing a Health Care Practice


As you near the end of your studies for your health care law degree it’s only natural to start thinking about your future career. If that future happens to be running your own health care practice, then you will need to brush up on your marketing skills as well. Sure, your masters in health policy […]


How to Market Yourself Online

Content Marketing - CAMP

A natural sales professional can sell almost anything, but selling ‘yourself’ is a totally different ordeal. In the world of marketing, potential clients and customers won’t buy what you’re selling until they know who they are doing business with pretty well. With a regularly updated blog, marketing yourself online isn’t hard at all. A masters […]


How to Recruit and Retain the Best Staff

Blog Posts

In order to build and have a successful business you need to be surrounded by staff that understands how to do their job, and do it well. Because great employees don’t usually just come knocking at your door, it’s important to know how to recruit and then retain the best staff so your business can […]


Insurance Solutions for Today’s Marketing Professionals

Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP

Today’s marketing professionals face increasing demands on their creativity, execution, and delivery of services as buyers of marketing services have become more sophisticated.  As buyers’ knowledge and experience levels continue to rise, so do their demands for expertise. This type of business environment requires an effective risk management plan to protect independent marketing professionals against […]


Three Things Marketers Can Learn From Social Workers

CAMP Canadian Association Of Marketing Professionals

There are some careers pairs you might think have basically nothing in common, and are done by very different people. In the case of marketing and social work, you may well think they are entirely different jobs, with no real overlap in terms of the skills or traits needed. However, many marketers could actually benefit […]


“Best” Wishes for Olivia – How SongBird Helped This Charity Soar

SongBird Marketing Communications

While “regular”, aka, “for-profit” marketing, has its clear challenges, “not- for-profit” (NFP) marketing also has some that are uniquely their own. Namely, getting people to part with their hard-earned money, without the promise of fulfilling a tangible need or want. Asking people to donate their time, money or goods, all in the name of charity, […]


Catering to what student’s care about most: Value

ASEQ Student Care

ASEQ | Studentcare, founded in 1996, is the only organization in Canada that specializes exclusively in student health. Twenty years later, they are the leading provider of student health care in Canada. They serve over 750,000 students at over 75 student associations, while representing 50 institutions, including McGill University, the University of Toronto, and the […]