CAMP Favourite Marketing Blogs this week! April 4th, 2016

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CAMP is pleased to share the favourite marketing blogs for this week. Please take a look below and check out the complete posts for more insights.
  • 4 Powerful Reasons to Use Images in Your Email Marketing Campaign by Empression Marketing highlights the relevance of having images and how it affects an organization’s email marketing campaign. There are some facts such as – the engagement level is more for visual content as compared to textual content, the retention rate is higher and holds much higher value. These facts strengthen the argument and should be a part of email marketing strategy. Check out the complete post for more insights.
  • What are Website Analytics? Analytics keeps track of your website and tells you how well your website is doing or which content is being favored by the readers. It tells you how many people are visiting your website, their activity on your website and many other insights. This actionable data holds the key to success as you know which content is getting more attention which leads to better conversion rates. Check out the amazing post by Treefrog for more details.
  • Millennials and Technology .The Cold Hard Facts. This post by CandyBox Marketing highlights the key marketing trends and the relationship between millennials and technology. It is no secret that marketing has evolved from the traditional ways and is getting automated with the development of technology. Millennials, who are the avid users and “best friends” with this innovation, seems to be the top priority when it comes to mobile marketing or any other similar form. Check out the complete post for more insights.
  • 10 Great Podcasts for Global Minded Marketers! Podcasts have become an effective marketing tool over the years. They hold incredible value and is a great tool for updated industry information. Verbaccino has listed down 10 great podcasts which are targeted for globally-minded marketers, check out the complete post to get more insights into the podcast world and how you can use it for global marketing.
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