CAMP Favourite Marketing Blogs this week! February 29th, 2016

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It’s time for our weekly roundup of our favourite member blogs this week! Take a look below for the complete posts:
  • Identifying Duplicate Content and How to Fix it. Part 1 by McCabe Marketing is focused on one of the major issues in marketing these days – “duplicate content”. Some organizations add it intentionally with the aim to fix it later whereas some do it unintentionally. The repercussions of adding duplicate content could be adverse at times so you need to be prudent about it. Duplicate content can be a similar piece of information which is repeated on your site many times or it is similar to some other website. Check out the complete post to get more insights and how to fix this problem.
  • Do Keywords Still Matter? With the major developments in SEO, some people could argue that keyword is dead but its keyword stuffing and playing with search engines which are out of the picture. The algorithms used by search engines have surpassed the intelligence of human brains and they only appreciate the genuine content now. It is imperative to design content which is appealing and adding value for users rather than focussing only on the search engines. Check out the complete post by our very own Treefrog.
  • The Mind-Boggling Potential of Global D-Commerce! Digital Commerce or D-Commerce is believed to change the world in ways which people didn’t image it could, 10 years ago. In a general sense, we could say that D-Commerce is a term for businesses that deal in digital products or services. Some potentially argue that it is a subset of E-Commerce whereas other proclaims it to be a new concept. Check out the complete post by Verbaccino!
  • 3 Things You Must Have To Be Social Media Ready by Lyra Communications is a definitive guide on how to excel in social media. You should have a social media strategy and a key set of measurable objectives to track the success of your marketing campaign. Another area to focus on is to have an interactive website as it serves as the first point of contact in many cases. Last but not the least you should have excellent headline writers who can make the audience click on the link or post. Please check out this astonishing post for more details.
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