CAMP Marketing Awards: List of Finalists

We’re thrilled to announce that after careful deliberations from our Finalist Selection Committee, we have selected the finalist for our 2015 CAMP Marketing Awards! We’d like to thank all of our nominees, as we saw an excellent group of submissions for our first ever Awards. The finalists (listed below in alphabetic order) will be judged by our Judging Panel in early October, and the winners announced at our Awards Gala on October 27th. 


 BRANDCanadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP

This award is given to the marketer that demonstrates excellence in developing, launching, and/or evolving a brand, through campaigns that may include areas such as advertising, public relations, communications, and/or social media.


Agency Name: Monolith IdeaMonolith-logotype

Project Lead Name: Jacky Yang

Client Name: Motrin

Description: As a medicine chosen by the pediatricians over 30 countries, Motrin has a sound record for its proven effect to deal with children’s fever. As a common belief among Chinese consumers, western medicines are believed to have more side effects than traditional Chinese medicines. Mothers tend to choose traditional Chinese medicines rather than western medicines. The agency was mandated to convince Motrin’s target consumers, that the brand is worthy of trust due to its best quality and long proven effect. The agency chose online video platform and social media to engage with the Brand’s target audience for this campaign. The successful campaign execution the video played over 2.6 million times on Youku and other top video sites in China and be shared over 96,644 times on Weibo. The video received over 6,000 likes by viewers.


Award Winner

Agency Name: Revolution Print

Project Lead: Chris Burke, Senior Manager, Event Marketing

Company Name: CIBC Run For The Cure (Chris Burke) Print

Description: Revolution and its Client were tasked with improving and simplifying the user experience on the fundraising website and with making the organization’s eCommunications more relevant and more effective at recruiting and soliciting. Insights gathered from speaking with cancer survivors, ethnographic research, and a deep dive into the organization’s own metrics helped the agency create “The Fundraising Effect,” a powerful, emotional tool used to demonstrate the real impact donations have on real people’s lives by telling their stories. Accompanied by a simplified website interface and a streamlined calendar of eCommunications, the changes yielded immediate benefits. In the first 30 days after launch, the organization saw double-and triple-digit increases in open rates, web sessions, and site-wide page views. You can see The Fundraising Effect page and read the inspiring stories of patients, survivors, and the doctors who are developing life-saving treatments here:


Agency Name: Proximity Canada

Project Lead Name: Summer Kim

Client Name: HP

Description: Proximity’s client, HP, needed to increase consideration set of x360 Pavilion through social engagement to ultimately help sell 20K units within the FY2014 calendar year. With a traditional brand like HP, it was crucial to get ad-hating, indie-loving rule benders to relate and HP introduced three Rule Benders – relentless, innovative and uncompromising influencers, and introduced a contest with a $25,000 winner. Support channels included YT, online banners, promoted social posts, influencers-peers/social channels and PR. In just three weeks, #BendtheRules got: Six times the industry average on display click through rates, free media coverage across Canada, almost 80,000 organic social engagements generating millions of social impressions and most importantly, the product sold out during the campaign.


Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMPDigital 

This category rewards the effective use of marketing in all categories of digital, including (but not limited to) SEO, SEM, social media, video production, market research, and data analysis/integration.

(4 Finalists Chosen in this Category) 


Agency Name:Memory Tree 

Project Lead: Gary Cain

Client Name: The 2016 Ontario College Marketing Competition

Description: The agency produced an animated video to introduce the theme of the 2016 Ontario College Marketing Competition, and get students excited about the event. The “spark” design element which forms part of the “Ingenuity” logo is incorporated into various scenes in the video, leading up to the full logo reveal at the end. Memory Tree used a combination of 2D & 3D animation, as well as photos, all rendered to look like images drawn on a chalkboard. Scenes depict iconic examples of ingenuity. To view the video, please visit:


Agency Name: Tendril

Project Lead: Christopher Bahry & Alex Torres

Client Name: Molson Coors Altitude

Description: The Coors Altitude ‘interactive, branded music video’ was created in collaboration with Rethink using a remix of Young Empires ‘So Cruel’ for the launch of Molson Coors Altitude. The interactive video was the keystone of the launch campaign. This project involved: commercial ad, music video, and interactive web experience. The site was recognized as the website of the day, according to the FWA and also received an award for digital design from Applied Arts. To witness this outstanding creative work, watch the video by clicking here


Agency Name: Twisted Frame

Project Lead: Justin Millerson

Client Name: Ask the Doctor

Description: Twisted Frame specializes in motion graphics and animation. By instruction from the client (, we had a 60 – 90 second window not only tell the story of and what it has accomplished, but to also show how augmented reality can maximize its service on the global scale. Twisted Frame took on the project the first week in June and completed the entire process — from start to finish — in under four weeks’ time. See the video here:


 Award Winner

Agency Name: VIBRANT Marketing

Project Lead: Carlos Ponce

Client Name: hydraSense

Description: hydraSense is the leading national brand in the hyper-competitive Canadian nasal saline solution category. VIBRANT Marketing was mandated to enhance awareness about the hydraSense Breathe In Breathe Out Experience while engaging with current and prospective consumers to participate in the program. The research and insights led to drawing razor sharp strategies, which when executed by the agency attracted nearly 10,000 users and 7,286 contest entries to the hydraSense program.


Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMPExperiential 

This category highlights excellence in experiential marketing and covers areas such as trade show booths, events, and/or guerilla marketing.


Project Lead:Kirk ClyneArtScience

Agency Name: Art & Science

Description:Art & Science is small digital agency that combines strategy and creativity with a deep understanding of technology to build engaging experiences. For their booth at DX3 2015, Art & Science created several interactive installations such as Nifty Fish, Pixel Painter, Magic Mirrors and many others that led to endless, easy conversations with attendees over two days. The booth had a high footfall rate, collected 6-dozen business cards, and led to multiple follow-up meetings and new business with big Canadian brands, including Sick Kids Foundation, CIBC, Shoppers Drug Mart and the Toronto Zoo—and an on-site video interview with a technology magazine.


Project Lead: Ember ChanceFido_Doghouse_2015_EN_4C

Company Name: Rogers/Fido

Description: The Brand Experience team at Rogers did an awesome job by bringing Fido’s new brand attitude and personality to life by connecting with Millennials in an authentic way. Curating 16 unique events across Canada titled ‘Fido DogHouse‘ enabling millennial artistic social leaders & influencers to connect with their networks to inspire curiosity. The big campaign achieved 1.8 million impressions overall making Fido a relevant brand for the young gen.


Award Winner

Agency: SongBird Marketing CommunicationsSongBird_Logo_851x315

Project Lead: Candace Huntly

Client Name:

Description: SongBird Marketing Communications (SongBird) developed a two-part experiential strategy for that was designed to target two niche audiences within a short-term period. An exclusive mixology event, food truck pairing, and product trials were organized to educate customers and engage with influencers. In spite of the limited budget for a start-up, SongBird was able to reach a large consumer crowd through experiential tactics targeted at specific audiences. More importantly, it kick-started a number of exciting opportunities for to showcase their products at future events.



Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals CAMPIntegration (4 Finalists Chosen in this Category)

This category will award excellence in the use and integration of all marketing categories – digital to traditional media.


Agency Name: BeNovelBeNovel_Logo_RGB-103013

Project Lead: Beth Craig

Client Name: Sneak Peek e-Pub Preview Chapters

Description: The Sneak Peek e-Pub Preview Chapters marketing tool was produced by BeNovel to promote the Hailey’s Dreams Princess Books for the benefit of a non-profit organization. It provides a professional presentation of a broad range of background and information about the books to entice readers to buy them. The e-publication integrated preview chapters together with author videos, illustrations, book reviews and trailers as a unique form of promotion for the children’s books and the charitable organization. Combined awareness for the Hailey’s Dreams Foundation between the books and the foundation itself raised enough funds and community support for all 32 of Hailey’s dreams to come true as well as helping the family to cover the cost of a wheelchair accessible van earlier this year. The most recent dream to come true was a hot air balloon ride that took place earlier this month.


Agency Name: Blade Creative Branding Inc.blade-logo-out-376

Project Lead: Kathryn Hess

Client Name: Columbia Laboratories Canada Inc.benzagel_4c-faces-pink

Description: Acne is a serious issue for young people and adolescents that can feel like a swirl of stress, myths and confusion. Columbia Labs, makers of the Benzagel® family of acne care products, wanted to take a leadership role in presenting not just the science of their products, but a supportive environment of advice and shared experience. Blade worked with the client to develop a thriving online ecosystem through Facebook and Twitter—and in 2015 launched the Benzagel Community Pages, a unique blend of user-generated content with professionally-vetted tips and information. At the same time, Blade used traditional media targeted to pharmacists, which resulted in a third consecutive award of #1 Pharmacist-Recommended OTC Acne Product Nationwide. The agency is extremely gratified by the fact that Benzagel today has become the growth leader in the Canadian acne-care category.



Company Name: TVO

Project Lead:James Powell

Description:TVO is on a journey to help redefine, re-launch and digitize their brand.  The new TVO is approachable, optimistic, encouraging, confident, and helpful, reflecting the company’s desire to ignite the potential within everyone through learning.  Prior to releasing their new brand look, the company launched a brand equity campaign through traditional broadcast, cinema, radio, digital and social media to signal a change in corporate vision and strengthen brand equity.  The rollout of the new brand was then executed across all TVO properties and sub-brands, including TVOKids and digital education products.  Since launching in April 2015, the impact of the rebrand has been better than expected.  TVO has moved to become the “most trusted”, “most educational” and “most watched” media brand for children in Ontario.  TVO’s prime time adult block now ranks ahead of CNN, CBC Newsworld, and all other non-sport specialty channels.


Award Winner

Agency Name:Proximity Canada

Client Name: Shomi Digital

Description: When Proximity launched shomi into the Canadian landscape, they had quite a challenge to stand out from the behemoth of the pre-established subscription video-on-demand service that is Netflix. Proximity’s first objective was to obtain X amount of subscribers within the first three months of launch. While shomi isn’t allowed to divulge what their subscriber goal was, they advised that we surpassed the objective by 100%, doubling the projected amount of subscribers. The second objective was to obtain 40% brand awareness by the end of the first three months. We surpassed that goal by 58%. Today, we have surpassed the original goal by 80%.


Traditional Marketing Channels 

Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP

This award identifies exemplary performance in traditional forms of marketing, such as television, radio, billboard, or print advertising, or direct mail channels.



Agency Name: ClearMotive Marketing Group

Project Lead:Chad Kroeker

Company Name: Honda

Description: From concept to execution, ClearMotive’s specialized team of boutique branding and marketing experts had been tasked with creating a memorable National TV spot for Honda Canada’s annual winter campaign. The underlying campaign objective was to promote Honda’s full line of residential snow blower and generator products while connecting with Canadian consumers in a meaningful, approachable and relatable way. The team created a conceptually strong commercial campaign that aligned flawlessly with the values, features and benefits of the client and the end result was a successful TV spot ClearMotive was proud to produce. For further details, please visit:


Company Name: Johnson InsuranceNew Johnson #10 Env Proof

Project Lead: Akhilesh Chandy

Description: Johnson Insurance faced a business challenge where increased competition and a changing market environment caused a significant challenge to growth. To beat the threat, they designed a marketing campaign aimed at recognizing their 25-year trusted relationship with the Toronto District School Board. The silver anniversary contest commenced with a Starbucks gift card mailed to their existing customers inside of a beautiful Thank You card, to show their appreciation for their loyalty. Johnson Insurance also invited other members of the school board to join in the partnership by calling for a quote and entering an exclusive contest for a chance to win their choice of one of three ‘silver-themed’ prizes. By rewarding the educator community and offering a chance to save big on insurance premiums, Johnson demonstrated their commitment to the relationship. The campaign resulted in a 20% growth in Net New Policies (10 points over target), and a 28% increase in quote volume for new business (13 points over target), as well as three very happy winning teachers!

Award Winner

Company Name: UMUM_LOGO_100_RGB_PS

Project Lead: Katherine E. Fera

Client Name: ShockTop

Description: Shock Top was a relatively new player in the cluttered craft beer market.  UM was challenged to re-launch the brand and make it a favourite among craft beer fans.  The innovative approach to this campaign was driven by the simple insight: A good conversation goes a long way.  Various installations were developed to spark memorable conversations, including a talking wall mural, a Shock Top six-pack that engaged people in stores, and a Shock Top beer tap that was the life of the party.  The campaign led to an 88% increase in Brand Awareness and 180% increase in Shock Top’s status at a ‘Top 3 Favourite’ brand.


These awards are given to outstanding marketers/companies for their collective work in the marketing field in 2015.


Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP




Agency: Stratovate GroupDNA-Logo-Colur--tagline-FINAL

Project/Agency Lead: Alex Baldocchi ­

Company Name: D&A Group/Stratovate

Description: Stratovate group was engaged by then D&A Collections to work on a new Web platform.  The project team realized the company was at a tipping point and through a strategic process underwent a brand refresh unveiling the new D&A Group services brand. This integrated brand activation, included all elements of the marketing mix to retell the story of D&A, promoting the expanded services the company offers.  The new brand and tagline “Support that Works” is now an internal mantra that has employees challenging internal conventions, finding ways of making things better through support both internally, and externally for their Client Partners.  D&A’s renewed culture and vision ensures the organization has a sustainable approach to market leadership.


Award Winner


Company Name: Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment (MLSE)

Description: Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment’s (MLSE) Marketing and Communications department oversaw a banner year with campaigns and events that garnered headlines internationally for the company’s teams, brands and venues including the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto FC, Toronto Marlies and Air Canada Centre. The Marketing and Communications team at MLSE is comprised of some of the most talented and innovative professionals in the sports industry, who come together to create more ways for MLSE’s fans to connect with their favourite teams.


Agency Name: Proximity Canada

Company Name: Mercedes-Benz

Description:Mercedes-Benz Canada has managed to rise above competitors through effectively leveraging global branding combined with emerging communications platforms. And they’ve been innovating along the way. The Mercedes-Benz Canada social communities exceed in offering consumers engaging content that generates dialogue. 2015 also marked firsts for many emerging tactics in these channels. They were the first automotive brand in Canada to use sponsored posts on Instagram, leverage Instagram’s new carousel ads, test the use of Cinemagraphs in a campaign and build an interactive experience on YouTube with the AMG GT speed experience, which connected the off-line Ultra AVX/D-Box seats experience.


Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

Marketer of the Year – Small to Mid Size Enterprise 



Project Lead: Roger Brenninkmeyer

Company Name: Branding for Good

Description: The brand media design agency focused on practical communication solutions to define, engage and showcase the good in its clients. Its client Marketing Equipment Company is more than an incentive solutions company. It is about craft, creativity and quality of service. Branding for Good worked exclusively with top management to work through the new company’s strategic intentions, their core values and attributes and ultimately to their Brand Essence which we see as core to understanding true positioning in the marketplace. Since launching earlier this year, the Marketing Equipment Company has seen increased sales as well as partnerships with compliments and trust based on a very put-together brand identity system.


Award Winner

Company Name: IncRangle

Project Lead:Amanda Connon-Unda

Description: Project Lead: was founded in May 2013 with a vision to create a positive social impact by radically improving how software is defined, built and used.’s formal marketing programs started when Amanda Connon-Unda joined in February 2014, bringing with her a strong communications, journalism, social media, and PR background to promote in a very different way. Focused on brand building to drive client growth and talent attraction, Amanda helped grow from 6 to 35 employees in 2014, and in 2015 built a strong team of 4 that continued to grow from 35 to 78 team members. This was done with no external investment and a radically different marketing approach that focused on branding rather than on lead-generation.


Agency: Ignite DigitalIgnitedigitalfinal

Client Name:

Description: A main challenge had was that its industry is extremely saturated with competition. The competition also was heavily invested in their own Search Engine Optimization efforts. This made it extremely challenging for to compete and break through on Google search. Ignite Digital was the appointed as the Agency-on-Record who devised a two –fold strategy; On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. This campaign generated a 244.55% increase in revenue and a 283.10% increase in conversion rate. The visit time on also increased by 50.83% and bounce rate reduced by 98.79%.


Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals


Marketer of the Year – Entrepreneur


Agency: Candy Box Marketingcandybox-large

Project Lead: Darrell Keezer

Description:Darrell Keezer, a Toronto-born Millennial, founded Candybox Marketing in 2008 with one goal, to make the web sweet. Candybox Marketing, now a thriving digital agency, utilizes social media tactics, search engine marketing campaigns and innovative website design to push the boundaries of inbound marketing methods and achieve incredible results. Darrell is a popular keynote speaker at events and conferences throughout North America, is an inductee of the Sheridan Business Hall of Fame (2014), and continues to encourage CEO’s and entrepreneurs on the importance of establishing a strong online presence. Candybox Marketing has worked with over 300 clients, and continues to make the web sweet, one site at a time.


Award Winner

Company Name: Green LotusGL logo 1400pix

Project Lead: Bassem Ghali

Description: Green Lotus is one of Canada’s top search engine marketing agencies, has recently launched the first Canadian SEO Tools for entrepreneurs. Green Lotus SEO Tools are designed to help small business owners and startups to get a handle on their SEO activities, and can also scale to meet the needs of savvy internet marketers who manage multiple websites on a daily basis, and want save time. The beta launch of Green Lotus SEO Tools included a very attractive price point of $8/month and has received a warm from the Toronto small business market with more than 400 users in the first 3 months. The official launch of Green Lotus SEO Tools has been a success with close to 1,000 new users within the first 9 months. Green Lotus has aggressive plans to expand across Canada and the international market. Bassem Ghali is the driving force behind the Green Lotus brand, and a great example of a successful Canadian Entrepreneur.


Agency Name: PATIO Interactivelogo full

Project Lead: Charles Bern

Description: In less than 12 months, PATIO Interactive has grown from one client to 26, created a stunning portfolio of work, and built a track record of platform-agnostic design success. As a technology-driven design and marketing shop, PATIO’s creative process intentionally includes at least one member from engineering, design, marketing, and strategy to help produce amazing results for its clients. For some projects, PATIO manages the entire production process, from ideation to final deliverables and for others, it collaborates with technology experts to help bring a wide range of ideas to life. Since 2014, PATIO has excelled by creating bold and unique user experiences, working with both startups as well as some of the worlds most well-known companies, including Chanel, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, TD Bank, and Ernst & Young.


Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP


Marketer of the Year –Not for Profit/Government 




Company Name: TVO

Project Lead:James Powell

Description:TVO is on a journey to help redefine, re-launch and digitize their brand.  The new TVO is approachable, optimistic, encouraging, confident, and helpful, reflecting the company’s desire to ignite the potential within everyone through learning.  Prior to releasing their new brand look, the company launched a brand equity campaign through traditional broadcast, cinema, radio, digital and social media to signal a change in corporate vision and strengthen brand equity.  The rollout of the new brand was then executed across all TVO properties and sub-brands, including TVOKids and digital education products.  Since launching in April 2015, the impact of the rebrand has been better than expected.  TVO has moved to become the “most trusted”, “most educational” and “most watched” media brand for children in Ontario.  TVO’s prime time adult block now ranks ahead of CNN, CBC Newsworld, and all other non-sport specialty channels.


Award Winner

Company Name: The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMPAgency Name: Fourth Dimension
Project Lead/Client: Laura SyronWinners of CAMP's Not for Profit award

Description: As the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation’s (PMCF) first-ever socially driven digital fundraising event, the #NoHairSelfie campaign set a new standard in cancer fundraising. The social media-based campaign invited “hair-ticipants” to show solidarity with cancer patients by shaving their heads either actually, or virtually via the #NoHairSelfie app. The campaign was a huge success: it raised $1.8 Million in its first year and, based on the interest from cancer foundations in other countries, it’s set to go global in 2016!


Company Name: Tennis CanadaTennisCanada

Project Lead: Mark Healy, CMOPrint

Agency Name: Revolution

Description:  The primary objective of Tennis Canada was to demonstrate how the game of tennis is not simply a unique, powerful and exhilarating sport, but a dramatic human story made up of millions of moments, each of which demands grace, honour, discipline, and perseverance. Launched during the Davis Cup world-wide competition, Tennis Canada’s “Live the Moment” campaign positioned Canada as a legitimate, rising, world-class tennis nation, a fact proven and supported not only by our stars and our events but by our nation’s attitude and passion towards the sport. The multimedia brand campaign went live March 6, 2015 with a TV spot, digital display ads, social media integration, and full-page national print. This impactful and highly successful brand campaign reached millions of Canadian sport-enthusiasts and saw an increase in media and online mentions of the Tennis Canada brand by +50% while overall social media activity around the TC brand increased by +1167%. Just as importantly, Tennis Canada saw an increase in its core 18-44 age group and female viewer audiences of +22%.


Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP


Student (4 Finalists Chosen in this Category)


Company Name: Guelph – Students Offering SupportStudentsOfferingSupport

Project Lead:Clara Chan

Description: Clara was responsible for increasing reach for our organization through a variety of social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. As part of this project, Clara created posts that has over 500+ reach and have helped increased awareness of our organization. The posts were to hire more volunteers for the upcoming semesters. The posts were to advertise the upcoming exam-aid sessions, our midterm survival events, our upcoming volunteer educational project trips, and also to hire more volunteers for the upcoming semesters.

Company Name: Hockey Stockgoodcopy-0

Project Lead: Stefan Kollenberg

Description: Stefan Kollenberg is one of the managing partners of Hockey Stock, which launched in 2014, and in 2015, they launched a campaign that increased users from 50 to 300. This was primarily accomplished through personal promotion outside of NHL preseason games, a social media campaign, and a segment on the TSN 1200 Radio Show. Their social media campaign was called “Hockey-Stock everywhere” using pictures from outside the preseason games to help spread awareness. Along the way, they came across the opportunity to appear on the TSN 1200 Radio Show, where they discussed the benefits of Hockey-Stock and what differentiates them from the rest. Overall, the campaign was a great success and led to over 22,000 unique page hits.


 College Name: George Brown Marketing StudentsGeorgeBrown

Project Lead: Michael Tucker

Description: The chief aim of the campaign was to help foster connections between George Brown Marketing Students, Local Marketing Alumni, and Marketing Professionals in the Toronto Business Community. In less than 2 months we had developed our concept from an idea on a napkin to an online presence with over 2,000 visitors and 700 social media followers. We have engaged with marketing brands like Unbounce, SAS, and the Bell Let’s Talk Foundation. Currently we have reached 3000 people and our audience base is growing on a daily basis. All of this work is done on evenings, weekends, and lunch breaks entirely by student volunteers who are working on term projects, internships, and part time jobs as well.


Award Winner

Project Lead: Richard LeCanadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP Awards Sponsor

Company Name: Humber Advertising and Marketing Communications Students

Description: As part of their capstone project, Lighthouse Group, led by Richard Le, prepared a final case to CAMP to launch a Marcom strategy for their Awards. It included a full plan encompassing public relations, digital promotions, and an awards design. This was part of a student competition hosted by CAMP, and this team was the winning group.