CAMP Favourite Marketing Blogs this week! April 11th, 2016

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Happy Spring CAMPers. We are pleased to share the favourite marketing blogs by our seasoned members. Please take a look below and check out the complete posts for more insights.
  • Why a Slow Website Load Time is Hurting Your Business By McCabe Marketing emphasize the relevance of having a good site speed. A slow website is not a drawback for viewership but it also affects the overall growth of the business. As the platform on which your website is being accessed could be different, it should be responsive and fast enough to not let viewers digress from it. Search engines like Google value the web speed and see if the bounce rate is too high, you are likely to get less traffic from organic search results. Check out the astonishing post for more insights.
  • Why Your Business Should Embrace Social Media Marketing This amazing post is right on target and highlights the mechanism as well as the perks which come with Social Media Marketing. It has become an imperative part and a deciding factor these days. Social Media Marketing needs skill, strategy, and time to execute the plans. Check out the complete post by our very own Treefrog.
  • Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketing Agencies It is no secret that Search Engine Optimization or SEO can boost the performance of your website which in turn can bring more business by ranking your website on the first page of search engines. Check out a list of tools and services by Tastic Marketing which can boost the performance and help your business grow.
  • Where Do I Find Social Media Content? By Successiory is a perfect guide to your content search and can come in handy. Some of the key resources which you can consider for your next search project are – Twitter, follow people or organizations whose view resonate with you, Google search, Events and Conferences, and much more. Check out the complete post for more details.
  • Are Brands Sending Too Many Marketed Messages To Teenagers? This amazing post by Elite Email discusses the relationship of brands with teenagers or in the other words, “future profitable segment”. It is no secret that they get a lot of attention from brands which are been reflected in their inbox. This overwhelming inflow of messages could lead to distraction and ultimately loss in potential business. Check out this astonishing post and learn how to foster this gentle relationship.
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