Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the CAMP Marketing Awards?
CAMP’s Marketing Awards showcases excellence in all aspects of the marketing profession. Launched in 2015, we are now in our third year of the CAMP Marketing Awards. In 2015, we gave out 10 Awards plus a ‘People’s Choice’ Award that was voted on during our Awards Gala.  
  1. Who can apply for these awards?
Any marketer or individual in a related function that has a story to tell or a project to showcase is eligible to apply. The project must have been launched between the time frame of January 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017 inclusive. We invite marketers of all types to apply – this is not limited to agencies. We are proud to showcase the work from Clients too.  
  1. Can I nominate myself?
Yes! We applaud confidence, and if you’ve got a story to share, please stand up and be counted. In fact, we prefer you to nominate yourself or your organization to ensure quality in the application process.  
  1. What is the process?
Begin by filling out a nomination form, located on our website.  Our nomination period opens from May 15th and ends on June 30, 2017.  After that, all entries will be reviewed and short-listed by our Judging Panel who consist of high profile marketing leaders of all types (we do not announce our judging panel until after the finalist selection has occurred). Winners will be announced at our Awards Gala on November 9th, 2017.  
  1. What is the calendar of events?
  • May 15 – application submission opens
  • June 30 – deadline for Nominations (submissions closed; review of applications by Awards Committee)
  • September 15 – Finalists announced
  • November 9 – Winners announced at our Awards Gala
  1. How will I know my application has been accepted/processed?
Once your successful nomination has been submitted, you’ll receive an automatic notice from CAMP letting you know that it was submitted. After the nomination period has closed, our Judges will begin to review the applications. If you are selected as a finalist, you will be notified by a representative of CAMP. If you are not successful, you will receive an email from CAMP’s management letting you know.  
  1. I’m not an agency or a creative. Does that make me ineligible?
Absolutely not! One of core focuses at CAMP is to create a community where all marketers past, present and future can collaborate, connect, and grow. We would be remiss if we didn’t celebrate the innovation and success of marketers from the corporate, entrepreneurial, and not for profit sides that have in-house marketing teams. We want to highlight those unique stories out there, the ones that really made a difference. We know that they can come from a variety of areas which includes, but not limited to, agencies, creatives, marketing consultants, in-house marketing teams, and students. So please, take a look at your accomplishments and bring forth those stories you feel are worth sharing, and apply today!  
  1. What happens if I miss the deadline?
While we understand that things happen, rules are rules, and we must adhere to a level playing field for all. As such, the deadlines are important, and we will not be accepting applications beyond the published deadlines.  However, remember the dates and don’t forget to submit for 2017.  
  1. I’m not a member of CAMP. Can I still apply for the award?
While membership has many its privileges we are a group of inclusive individuals and want to highlight the best of the best, irrespective of affiliation.  As such, this award is not only open to CAMPers, but all marketers and related functions within Canada. While we encourage all marketers to become a member, it is not a requirement to apply. Corporate CAMP members receive 3 free entries and Individual CAMP members receive 1. The price to apply for student members is $35 +HST. For non-members, the price to apply is $125 + HST.  
  1. How can I be sure this contest will be fair?
Our word is our bond and as a not for profit association committed to excellence in the marketing community, we adhere to extremely high ethical standards. Our judging process will be fair and equitable, as we take this task very seriously. We will ensure that any potential conflicts are disclosed and addressed in advance of the finalist announcement.  
  1. Who has won in the past?
Our 2016 Marketing Awards was our first ever awards process, and we were incredibly pleased with the results. We welcomed finalists from EQ Works, Ignite Digital and General Motors and winners from City of Vaughan Recreation Services, Ryerson University – Student Affairs and Agency 59. For a full list of our 2016 Winners and Finalists, please click here.  
  1. Who are the judges?
Our judging panel consists of high profile marketing leaders. To ensure the process is fair and ethical, we do not release the names of our judges until after the finalists and winners have been chosen. To see a list of our 2016 judges, please click here.