How to Apply

Welcome to CAMP’s Marketing Awards! Applying for an award is an easy process, which includes three steps:

    1. Submitting your contact information
    2. Adding a description of the project (no more than 5,000 characters outlining the project, describing the objectives and strategy, and the Key Performance Indicators).
    3. Completing the application payment process, rates listed below:
      • $45 + tax for members
      • $125 + tax for non-members
      • $225 + tax for non-members for one nomination + a CAMP membership)

Contact Information

Please include your name and all relevant information, as well as your company name.

Project Description

Please indicate the Project Manager of this project (for example, if you are nominating yourself, please add your own name). Please provide an overall description of the project. This is the part that allows you to explain in greater detail all about the project, including the objectives, tactics, timeline, and overall results. We ask that you be as descriptive and creative as possible in this section, but we are limiting this space to 5,000 characters.

Please also include samples of accompanying material (such as jpegs or pdfs of the project). There is also an opportunity to include links to websites or URLs, and relevant videos or social media platforms.

Application Payment Process

Once all the steps are completed, please click on the payment process, which will ensure that your application is processed.