CAMP is committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information.  This privacy policy is a statement of the general principles we, at Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (“CAMP”), apply to the collection, use, disclosure and transfer of your personal information and has been developed to ensure we comply with applicable privacy legislation. We want our members, potential members employees, representatives, and business partners to be aware of how and why we handle personal information.  By using our website or communicating with us, you consent to, accept and agree to our information practices described below. This policy applies to CAMP and all of its directors, officers and employees. CAMP receives and stores information, including personal information (as defined by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada)) about you and your use of our services.  This information is gathered in a number of ways, including when you enter it on our website and from interactions with our services.  In this Privacy Policy, we use the term “Personal Information” to mean any or all of the following: name, address(es), telephone number(s), company or organization, email address(es), facebook, twitter and/or LinkedIn coordinates, gender, age.  We may collect, use, transfer and disclose any information that is not personal information for any purpose without requiring your consent.  You can choose not to provide personal information CAMP may request from you, but in general, the personal information requested is that information which is required in order to provide the products, services and benefits we offer to you.

Identified Purposes

CAMP only collects, uses and discloses Personal Information for the following purposes:
  • Offering and providing marketing products and services to you;
  • Establishing and maintaining communications with you, including commercial electronic messages;
  • Verifying your identity and the accuracy of your Personal Information with business partners and other relevant groups;
  • Determining and facilitating your payment of fees and recording and maintaining other facets of your membership or other association with us;
  • Enforcing our terms of service, if applicable;
  • Compiling statistics and market research;
  • Complying with the law or the requests of law enforcement agencies or regulators; and
  • Notifying you or allowing our business partners affiliated companies to notify you of certain products, services, promotions or events offered by us, or our affiliated companies
(together the “Identified Purposes”).


Your knowledge and consent of our collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information is critical. We rely on the following actions by you as indications of your consent to our existing and future Personal Information practices:
  • Your voluntary provision of Personal Information directly to CAMP or through a representative for the purpose of acquiring a product or service we offer, or for the purpose of participating in or attending an event or promotion we offer (including information previously provided to CAMP);
  • Your express consent or acknowledgement contained within a written, verbal or electronic application process;
  • Your consent solicited by CAMP (or our agent, contractor or representative) for a specified purpose;
  • Your receipt of this Privacy Policy, until you notify CAMP of a withdrawal of this consent; or
  • Your consent given through your authorized representative such as a legal guardian, agent or holder of a power of attorney.
Subject to certain legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice, you may withdraw this consent at any time. CAMP will inform you of the consequences of withdrawing your consent. In some cases, refusing to provide certain Personal Information or withdrawing consent for CAMP to collect, use or disclose your Personal Information could mean that we cannot provide you with our complete services, products, benefits or information. If you wish to withdraw your consent to use your Personal Information, please contact our Privacy Officer listed below in this Privacy Policy.  We will only collect, use and disclose your Personal Information without your consent where permitted to do so by law. CAMP may provide some of its products, services and benefits through third parties with privacy policies different from ours.  We will use reasonable efforts to inform you of the identity of any such third parties and contact information for those parties.  Although we use reasonable efforts to associate only with reputable entities, CAMP shall not be responsible for or liable for the information handling practices of any such third party. Since the internet is a global environment using the internet to collect information necessarily involves transmitting data on an international basis.  You agree to the transfer of your personal information outside your country of residence and acknowledge that countries to which CAMP may transfer information may not have as comprehensive a level of data protection as in your country. You may connect to one or more social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) and, if you choose to do so, any information you provide on any such network that constitutes Personal Information may be collected, used or disclosed by us without your consent. CAMP may provide a public forum or blog to which you may post reviews, comments or information.  If you do so, you acknowledge and agree that any Personal Information so posted is thereafter made public and is not subject to this Privacy Policy, and CAMP will not be in any way responsible for or liable for any third party’s collection, use or disclosure of information so disclosed by you.


CAMP will maintain your Personal Information as accurate, complete and up-to-date as is necessary for the Identified Purposes.  You should advise CAMP of any changes to your Personal Information when and if they occur.  We may contact you occasionally to verify or update your Personal Information.


CAMP will protect your Personal Information by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Safeguards will vary depending on the sensitivity, format, location and storage of the Personal Information, but may include limiting access to Personal Information to representatives of CAMP on a  need-to-know basis, storing Personal Information on computers, servers, files or sites with encryption protection and password entry and utilizing locked filing cabinets with restricted physical access to the file storage location for physical documents containing Personal Information.  When purging or destroying Personal Information, care will be used to prevent unauthorized persons from obtaining access to Personal Information.

Accountability, Openness & Customer Access

CAMP is responsible for all Personal Information under its control and has designated a Privacy Officer who is accountable for CAMP compliance with this Privacy Policy. You may inquire at any time as to the existence, use and disclosure of your Personal Information and you may access your Personal Information, as long as it is permitted by law.  We will be as specific as possible with respect to inquiries about disclosure of your Personal Information to related or third party organizations or persons. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or your Personal Information, please contact our Privacy Officer, Nadine Evans at or 416 364 4888. When you call us, we may confirm your identity by asking you to confirm certain Personal Information and you may be directed to send us certain requests in writing.

Limiting Collection & Retention of Personal Information

CAMP will only collect, use or disclose Personal Information that is necessary for the Identified Purposes or as required by law. If we require Personal Information for any other purpose, you will be notified of the new purpose, and subject to your consent, that new purpose will become an Identified Purpose. CAMP will only collect Personal Information by fair and lawful means. We will retain Personal Information only as long as is necessary for the fulfillment of the Identified Purposes.

Challenging Compliance

If you are not satisfied with CAMP’s  response to a privacy related inquiry or complaint, you may contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada during business hours at 1-800-282-1376 or at, or, if located in Alberta, you may contact the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta at 1-888-878-4044 or at We do not sell our customer lists or other Personal Information.

Code of Consumer Rights/Privacy Statement

Your rights include the right to be informed fully, to be treated fairly, to timely complaint resolution, and to privacy.

Right To Be Informed

You can expect to access clear information about your membership.  We may amend our Privacy Policy from time to time.  Any amendment will be effective immediately.  We will use best efforts to notify you of any changes and we will endeavour to keep posted prior versions (including changes as marked) of our privacy policy for the preceding 12-month period.

Responsibility to Ask Questions & Share Information

To safeguard your rights, you should ask questions about your privacy policy so that you understand what it covers and what your obligations are under it. You can access information through our website, as well as through one on one meeting with representatives from CAMP.

Right to Privacy

Because it is important for you to disclose any and all information, you have the right to know that your information will be used for the purpose set out in the privacy statement made available to you by CAMP.