2015 Small-to-Mid Size Business Winner: Rangle.io

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Rangleio Amanda Connon Exponential growth is not easy to achieve – and even more challenging to maintain – but the team at Rangle has done it. Since 2014, they have grown from 7 to over 120 employees. A well thought out and consistent marketing strategy was key. Rangle builds mobile and web applications through JavaScript for clients around the globe. They were also CAMP’s 2015 Marketing Award winner in the small-to-mid size business category. Amanda Connon-Unda, Rangle’s Marketing Director, shared her team’s remarkable journey with us: “For our first year, we focused very heavily on aligning our brand around JavaScript and specifically AngularJS (a specific framework). We worked on local community outreach and events, plus conference sponsorships. In the following year, we built out our marketing automation best practices and started a blog, social media promotions, email marketing and inbound lead generation campaigns (such as webinars and online training).  We also established some advertising channels and third-party partnerships that we’re now seeing some great benefits from.” An ambitious plan for what was at the time a very small part of the company. To make it happen, Amanda “first hired a designer/technical marketer and then an integrated media specialist. Today we have a 7-person team that includes a growth and analytics manager, events manager, content marketing manager, senior designer, and an events coordinator.” The growth in Rangle’s marketing team isn’t stopping there, either. “Rangle is continuing to grow rapidly in all departments and we’re working with more clients in the US, Canada, Europe, and the world.” How did being recognized at the 2015 CAMP Awards help Rangle? “Our clients are in all industries, so being recognized for our B2B marketing is helpful. Winning the award last year helped us to expand our brand reach and meet companies from other industries who may not have heard of us. We also work with businesses who want to create apps for their clients to enable better engagement and consumer experiences. We can help them with that too, so we are eager to meet other marketers and be known in the industry for our strategic product development capabilities.” The CAMP Marketing Awards were launched in 2015, and recognized the work of 33 finalists in 10 categories. The 2016 Marketing Awards will open for nominations this spring with the Awards Gala set for November 2, 2016.   About Author:

Zach Goldglas CAMP MemberZach is a recent graduate of the Schulich School of Business MBA program, where he specialized in both Marketing and Arts and Media Administration. He is passionate about the connections between branding, entertainment, and technology. He can be reached directly by email at zachgoldglas@gmail.com or through twitter @ZachGoldglas.

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