3 Ways On How to Measure A Successful PR Campaign

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Millions of views, thousands of sign-ups, and large financial gains — all the results of a successful PR campaign, right? Well, not necessarily. Believe it or not, measuring the success of a campaign is quite tricky. No matter how viral a campaign may be, public opinion is still difficult to measure. Positive results from good PR may also be challenging to spot. But — and this a big ‘but’ — there are still some effective ways you can measure the success of a PR campaign. Here are three indicators that suggest your PR campaign is doing well:
  1. It has achieved its objectives

When creating your PR campaign, you (most likely) made a list of all the outcomes you’d like the campaign to achieve. A good indicator that your campaign has done well is if the campaign was able to achieve the goals/metrics that were set early on. Was it able to increase brand awareness? Boost donations? Strengthen customer loyalty? If the campaign achieved what it was supposed to, then that’s a very good indicator that it was a success.
  1. It’s been covered by multiple publications.

Generally, if a campaign has been covered in 5-7 different publications (radio, podcasts, newspaper, blogs etc.), that’s good indicator that it’s successful.  The goal should be to have your PR campaign showcased on different platforms so as to gain more exposure. Has it generated a discussion? Are people reviewing it? Or adding their own opinions to your message? If your PR campaign is able to gain coverage from different mediums, that’s a good sign that people are interested in your message and want to share it with others.
  1.  The campaign has resulted in an increase in revenue

Exposure is great, but if it doesn’t result in any monetary gains, has it really positively impacted the business? Don’t take this the wrong way — bringing awareness to your brand, strengthening customer loyalty, building thought leadership — all of these are fantastic goals for any company. But the purpose behind all of this should always be to increase revenue. Increasing brand awareness should result in gaining more customers. Strengthening customer loyalty should result in having more returning customers. Long story short: Whatever your campaign goals are, the final result — and this may take some time  — should be an increase in revenue. Unfortunately, measuring this may be challenging, but if there is an increase in business after one’s campaign launch, it is a good indicator of the campaign’s success. How do you measure the success of a PR campaign?   Author, Nesh Pillay, Vice President of Marketing at EQ Works and Founder, Press Pillay https://www.presspillay.com/ Twitter:  @PillayNesh  

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