5 Things Every Medical Marketer Should Know

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From marketing medical devices to teams of doctors, to helping to launch new apps for advancing consumer healthcare awareness, medical marketers help to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. Having a background in medicine, such as a familiarity with the RN to MSN curriculum can be a great advantage to marketers in this field, but it is often more important to know what direction the healthcare marketing field is going in. More patients are getting online to get information on healthcare providers, but medical professionals too are changing the way that they prefer to market to patients. If you want to ensure that your career as a medical marketer flourishes, here are five things that you absolutely should know and use to get more out of your marketing campaigns.

1. Mobile Marketing Matters

It seems like everyone is constantly on their smartphones.  And if you are trying to spread your message to the masses, your advertisements need to stick. It isn’t good enough to purchase advertising space in the hopes of getting potential customers interested. Instead, use mobile marketing to study their habits and approach web surfers authentically.

2. All the Other Doctors are Doing it Too

Forget about being innovative. Chances are, whatever your newest, genius healthcare marketing idea is, there’s already another healthcare practice that has done it. Although it usually pays to be unique, sometimes advertising in the same spaces as other medical marketers can be best.

3. Patients Read Reviews

Before an RN enrolls in a masters degree in nursing course, you can bet that dozens of reviews of various colleges have been viewed. The same goes for patients most concerned about bedside manner, facility cleanliness, wait times and professionalism. Reviews of healthcare professionals can be found everywhere from Yelp to Google itself. You can do a lot for the medical practices you market just by ensuring that an accurate and complete online profile is available for patients to review.

4. Technology Matters

Creating and maintaining social network profiles for healthcare professionals is pretty much a requirement in the world at present. Doctors don’t hand out business cards anymore, they give out their email addresses and Twitter handles. Give your clients an SEO boost by promoting their social networking profiles regularly.

5. Not Every Patient is Online

Although medical practices that have online billing features, social network profiles and entertaining promotional videos online have a better chance of reaching more patients, there are still a number of people that limit their internet usage severely. There are patients who have email addresses, but only check their inboxes once every few months. If you want to reach them all, you are going to need to create an offline marketing campaign, too. Healthcare professionals may be in high demand, lucrative careers, but patients make the final call. You can aid your clients in becoming renowned locally or even internationally by making sure patients get an accurate idea of what your clients have to offer. Use these tips to boost your healthcare marketing efforts, and ensure that all of your clients continue to have thriving careers.

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