5 ways to amplify the impact of orientation and on-boarding

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This post was written by CAMP’s key Collaborator Evert Akkerman. To view the article in its original version, please click here Never underestimate the power of first impressions. We usually associate this with networking events and job seekers going for interviews, but companies need to be aware of the first impression they make as well. Many organizations seem to struggle with the on-boarding of new employees. Below are a few tips that might help toward making the process more successful. In larger companies, the orientation program is typically owned by the Human Resources department and, sadly, sometimes HR drops the ball. I recall the arrival of a new manager years ago, and nothing had been done – I had assumed that everything was all set and by the time I followed up, it was too late to order a desk, set up a computer and issue access cards and passwords. This new manager ended up knocking on doors as he moved through the building and working from a storage room for a while, where we set up a folding table for the lap top he brought. A shameful experience that he continued to bring up for years, whenever the topic of HR service levels came up. Read more Here About the Author AAEAAQAAAAAAAAaaAAAAJGNkZmFmN2EzLTFkODktNDYzMC05ZTBjLWZlNzg3M2VhYmQ3NwEvert Akkerman is a Human Resources Professional with a background in international commercial law. He adds value in all areas of HR management and supports commercial activities of international businesses. In addition, he speaks four languages and have worked in Canada and Europe.

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