The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) is a not for profit organization that provides value to marketers. 

Our goal is to provide a means to connect marketing professionals of all types – from seasoned marketing executives such as CMOs and Vice Presidents, to those embarking on a career in marketing, and everyone in between, bringing together everyone with all levels of experience and drive, to create an open space of collaboration and opportunity.

If you are involved in the profession of marketing, whether a marketing generalist (such as managers and coordinators), a specialist (such as digital marketers or graphic designers), an academic, or a student, we want to hear from you, collaborate with, and discuss further how CAMP can work with you.



Our vision is simple: To create an inclusion based network for all marketers to join, network, further their professional development, and deepen their connection to their profession.

CAMP has two main core values – Collaboration and Opportunity.

Collaboration – we commit to bringing marketers together from all different educational and career backgrounds, expertise, and specializations. We believe we can all learn from one another, and CAMP is focused on just that – members helping members. Opportunity – we believe in helping all marketers at any stage in their career advance.  We commit to improving the opportunity of our members by providing career advice and job opportunities, accreditation, and professional development events/programs.   thinline


As a growing organization, we offer many valuable business opportunities to sponsors and advertisers.

Why partner with CAMP?

We provide our partners with a proactive means to reach high-value marketers. Since we offer value for the individual marketer, members choose to remain with us regardless of their company affiliations, creating a long-term relationship-building opportunity for suppliers.  For more information about the many opportunities open to sponsors, please contact us.


We provide a number of methods to partner with recruiters. For more information about how CAMP can work with your agency, please contact us.