What does AI mean for the modern marketer?

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AI is a buzzword that is getting a lot of attention lately. And while many marketers have a good understanding of what AI or Artificial Intelligence is, many of us still haven’t wrapped our heads around how we benefit. Part of the difficulty is that the most advanced applications are still aspirational. The technology hasn’t quite developed to that point—or, if it has, there are few documented examples of it being put to its intended use. But they’re close enough to the horizon that marketers from all industries should take note. Here are some of the more prominent implications of AI to marketers: Deeper customer and market insights Marketers already have access to tools that can basically measure anything you want and track them over periods of time, but that data still needs to be examined and analyzed by a human being before it can be turned into anything meaningful. But advancements in machine learning will be able to parse this information and set it in the right context. Marketing strategists will then be able to leverage data-driven insights much faster and with greater accuracy than those generated by human hands. If the learning process is properly supervised and directed, then it may even get to the point where it facilitates real-time decision making. Hands-off customer service Customer service is a must in today’s relationship-focused industry, but it helps to automate supporting the simpler requests so that live agents can focus on the more difficult and important cases. AI chatbots are now much smarter and have natural language processors so robust that many customers prefer a chatbot instead of a live agent. More pressure to keep up The inevitable downside to any new technology is that marketers have a lot of homework to do in order to stay relevant. All marketers, from VPs down to specialists, have to stay literate on AI topics–indeed on any technological development–so that we can stay ahead of the competition, who is likely already finding ways to apply AI to their own tech arsenal. If you want to get a primer on machine learning and AI, I’ve included a couple of useful links below: https://econsultancy.com/reports/marketing-in-the-age-of-artificial-intelligence/ https://blog.marketo.com/2017/03/marketing-and-artificial-intelligence-make-your-job-robot-proof.html   Patrick Icasas,B2B Blogger, Copywriter, and Content Marketing Consultant LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickicasas/        

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