Validation Third party endorsement carries weight in business. When a third party announces how incredible your work is, your credibility gets a boost. Awards and other recognition improve morale as they provide an avenue for appreciation for employees and achievements. Awards also encourage owners, investors and other interested parties. Visibility Awards and recognition provide elevation for both you, your clients and your partners. If your company receives an award for a job that you have done for one of your clients, rest assured that your client will also be delighted to share that trophy and will validate the quality of your work. Differentiation Justification that you are, in fact, “best of (blank)”. While everyone is saying they are the best, awards and recognition will set you apart from competitors and differentiate the quality of your achievements from others. Solving Business Challenges Job-seekers, potential employees and clients are more likely to be attracted to a company that has won an award as it will be viewed as a leader in the field. Awards can also help solve business and communications challenges.   If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us at awards@canadianmarketer.ca.