Branching Out: Degrees Every Marketer Should Consider

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Marketing is a constantly evolving field that requires those in it to be just as creative. You can’t be at the top of your game if you don’t push yourself and learn new things. This is exactly the reason why some of the best marketers in the world are those who are constantly learning; some even choose to return to school and pursue degrees in other fields to sharpen their skills. Pursuing a degree is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills. Thanks to online courses and the best programs now offering accredited degrees, you can choose to pursue a master’s degree – or even another bachelor’s degree – in various fields while still working in marketing. Which are the most interesting courses to take?

A Degree in Healthcare

There is no doubt that healthcare is currently the fastest growing industry on the market. Even despite the recent uncertainties and some of the changes that may be introduced in the future, millions of people across the country still need good healthcare services. It is a particularly big industry, with plenty of stakeholders influencing the market. You can’t really think like a healthcare provider without knowing the inner workings of the industry. A degree in healthcare can be the perfect one to pursue if you want to be better at communicating health-related messages. There is no shortage of opportunities to tap into, either. Hospitals and healthcare solution providers are actively expanding their marketing and communications forces. Communication is an inseparable part of providing people with good quality health services. You could pursue a position as the CMO of a well-known healthcare provider when you graduate.

A Security Degree

Another interesting field to get into is security. There are plenty of security-related degrees available, but the one that is particularly interesting is a degree in homeland security. As the name suggests, the program is perfect for those of you who want to expand your data analysis prowess to a whole new level. Security is not always about the use of force. Most of the time, it is about gathering and processing information, doing threat assessments and making data-driven decisions. All of these skills are proficiencies you can implement in the field of marketing. You will not be able to imagine just how valuable these skills can be when used correctly. A BS in Homeland Security from a top name such as Concordia University Portland can boost your marketing career to new heights. The course will also prepare you for other interesting job opportunities, including a career as emergency management director.

A Degree in Information Technology

The last degree on our list is a degree in information technology. Internet marketing will only get bigger in the future, so preparing yourself with the right set of skills can do so much. There are MBA courses that specialize in internet and international marketing, but the best way to dig deeper is by pursuing a degree in this field. Information technology degrees, as well as the previous choices we talked about in this article, are great examples to consider. Any of these courses will help you pick up new skills that will be invaluable to your career in marketing.

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