Building profitable relationships with target markets using strategic social media

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CAMP’s 2016 Small to Mid-Size Marketer of the Year finalist Lyra Communications helps small to mid-sized clients build profitable relationships with their target markets. Lyra launched in 2009 training SMEs on social media back when common knowledge of the 2016 mainstream social was still in its early stages. From there they expanded to writing social media strategies and managing social media programs for companies like Waddingtons Auction House, Steeped Tea Inc. and Derek Wilson Personal Injury Law. Currently, they are one of the few long-standing agencies in Toronto that focus exclusively on social media. They were able to survive while others burnt out along the way as their long term approach generates consistent results that makes sense to their clients, which is how they were able to retain over 80% of their clients beyond their first year. Small to medium size Lyra has worked with clients from Canada, Australia, the UK and China. Their local clients take a very Canadian approach to social media that emphasises strategy, consistency and compliance. Canadian clients take the time to understand the process and how social media can empower their bottom line before they invest. This approach results in thoughtful programs and campaigns that deliver compound success over the long term. Social media has grown up and we’ve continuously grown up with it. Since 2009, we’ve watched the networks transform from community boards to sophisticated marketing and advertising channels that require unprecedented levels of creativity, tech savvy and marketing genius to successfully navigate. Social media has transformed how we communicate with friends, family and colleagues at every level. However one thing remains the same: Social media’s unbelievable ability to empower change in the hearts and minds of people. Campaign In their campaign for Derek Wilson Personal Injury Law they were faced with the challenge of differentiating Derek’s firm from his larger competitors and out-market the firm in a super-competitive environment without spending a lot of money. Derek Wilson Personal Injury Law is a personal injury firm located in Southwestern Ontario. The goal for Lyra Communications was to help the firm stand out in a saturated market without using a large marketing budget. Lyra Communications designed a hyper-targeted combined SEO and social media program that included a redesigned website to boost both the amount and the quality of web inquiries. Elements of this program included: Development of a hyper-focused digital strategy that aligned with the client’s marketing strategy, a new website, a consistent and target blog, on-going SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin, monthly measurement and quarterly strategic meetings. Lyra Communications They saw considerable results from their campaign. There was an increase of 500% in traffic over year one, an increase of 60% in the number of inquiries year over year, and today 25% of all new files now come from Derek’s digital activities. The quality of Derek’s case load was increased as he could choose his clients more carefully which is critical as they are a small personal injury firm. As a result of his heightened online exposure, Derek has been asked to comment on local media further bolstering his visibility and credibility in the community he serves. Derek has been able to reduce his overall marketing spend as the results from his digital are providing enough business to eliminate the need for additional marketing spends. What’s next for Lyra Communications?  2017 will be the year of social selling for Lyra Communications. They have added a whole new set of services designed to empower clients to use the power of social media to proactively generate leads, drive sales and build relationships with key prospects using strategic social media networks like LinkedIn and Twitter. About Author:

Cory GeorgiadisCory is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph, Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing Management program. He is currently interning for CAMP, learning the tools to becoming a sophisticated marketing professional. He can be reached directly by email at or through twitter @corygeorgiadis. 


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