CAMP Favorite Marketing Blog this Week July 4th, 2016

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Hey CAMPers Its another beautiful Monday and we are excited to share our favorite marketing blogs by our members for this week. Please take a look below and check out the complete post for more insights. 6 SIGNS YOU SHOULD INVEST IN PR highlights that public relations are more than just getting your brand in the media. This strategy is an important tool for your business to invest in. The incorporation of a long-term PR strategy, throughout operations, will help with your business’ brand recognition and its growth. Thus if you are dealing with customers or clients (publics) and attempting to grow a business you are most likely in the process of building relationships. Check out SongBird Marketing Communications for signs why your business should invest in PR Communications. CAUTION: REDDIT AHEAD – WHY BRANDS SHOULD TREAD LIGHTLY IN USING THE PLATFORM by The Mad Mix looks into Reddit social platform that has quickly grown to be a sensation since its launch in 2005. With 234 million active users, questions arise on what makes it so unique? According to the article, Reddit is free to use, content is organic as one cannot simply pay your way to the top like other social media platforms, it’s brutally honest and users are anonymous. With that being said how would you know this platform is truly effective for your business? Check out this amazing read for more insight. Web Page Content Built to Convert covers how important it is for businesses to create websites that get your customers to do something and how this can be quite difficult. There are various key pages on any website that should be driving visitors to take some sort of action, whether it be making a purchase, inquiring about a service, completing a contact form, signing up for an offer, etc. Key pages usually include your home page and select product or service pages. Check out The Story Web Design & Marketing blog for ideas on compiling the right content for key website pages. Why can’t you replicate your Google AdWords campaign on Bing’s ads platform? By McCabe Marketing outlines that many small businesses invest in Google AdWords while not much attention is given to the 45 million user search engine Bing platform. The article dives into Bing-pay-per click advertising and how it differs from the usual Google AdWords campaign, so if you are looking to get into utilizing this paid platform check out the blog for more insights. About Us: The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) is a not for profit professional organization of marketers of all types. We are committed to providing an environment of collaboration and opportunity for marketers. Established in August of 2014, CAMP provides education, professional development, networking, awards, and mentoring for Canadian marketers. Find out more about us here.

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