CAMP Favorite Marketing Blogs this week June 13th, 2016

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CAMP is pleased to share our favourite marketing blogs from member organizations for this week. Please take a look below and check out the complete post for more insights. Turning B2B Word-Of-Mouth into A Backyard Barbecue examines the benefits of word of mouth marketing (WOM) and the challenges thereof for B2B marketers in regards to scaling such a powerful force – considering that professional networks tend to be much smaller than personal ones. Check out complete blog post by Influitive to understand how brands can drive B2B WOM by building backyards for their advocates What’s the Business Value of a Video? Seven Reasons Why You Should Showcase Your Business With a Video, by McCabe Marketing looks at the power possessed by marketing videos and its ability to generate more leads, sales, and profits for small business owners. As numbers increased for more people inquiring whether or not you have a video showcasing your business McCabe outlines seven reasons why it is essential to have this strategy incorporated into your plan. The Secret to Going Viral assesses how content, campaigns, and products go viral. There is an evident feature about viral content that easily catch on to markets. However, ultimately it takes a certain element, a certain quality of content that has to do with a combination of good timing, appropriation to a specific context, and the effectiveness of whatever it is one is trying to promote. Check out complete post at The Mad Mix for more on viral content. The Importance of Creativity in Business explains how the digital revolution has made room for unlimited creativity amongst individuals as everyone possessed the tool to create and execute new ideas. The article focuses on three major components: your approach to challenges, your Idea, and your execution. If you are in a competitive industry, you have the opportunity to stand out and provide exceptional value for your customers with fresh ideas. Check out Candybox Marketing on how to get creative! 5 Reasons Why Google Analytics is the Secret Ingredient to your Website highlights why Google Analytics is the most fundamental tool and a key ingredient of your website presence. This article outlines the importance of understanding data generated from the Google Analytics tool by examining what brought visitors to your website, are they new or returning visitors, and which pages attract the most visitors. Check out Empression’s post for more key insights and benefits. About Us: The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) is a not for profit professional organization of marketers of all types. We are committed to providing an environment of collaboration and opportunity for marketers. Established in August of 2014, CAMP provides education, professional development, networking, awards, and mentoring for Canadian marketers. Find out more about us here.

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