CAMP Favourite Marketing Blogs this week! February 22nd, 2016

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Welcome, all to a new week! We are here with our favourite marketing blogs by our members who have specialities in a plethora of marketing and related services. Check out the complete post.
  • Find Your Ideal Customer in Five Easy Steps by Heather Miller highlights an imperative step which organizations or businesses have to implement effectively. When you picture the target customers in your mind, it is easy to design a marketing campaign and market your product or service. The basic idea starts from segmenting the customer base in terms of profitability, search for common elements and motivators which could drive that particular segment, and try to get an overall persona.
  • Why It Is Important to Update Your Website’s Content by McCabe Marketing demonstrates the relevance of fresh content and perks related to it. Google always prefer businesses or brands which provide fresh content recurrently to their audiences. It also gives your customers a reason to come back and as compared to old content fresh content has a lower bounce rate. Professionals update their company’s website regularly and track the changes to bolster the performance, adding new content and checking the response is also a step forward in the same direction. Please check the complete post for more details.
  • Integrating Email Into Your Marketing Strategy! This blog post is focussed on how to improvise your marketing strategy by including an element of “email” into it. The reason for doing that is because email is one of the most economical formats which small businesses can adopt to deliver their message and market to wide audiences. Another feature of emails is that it can be personalised and people designing the emails have complete control over them. Check out the insightful post by our very own Empression.
  • How To Build A Better Brand Experience  by Songbird Marketing Communications. It is not an easy process to build a brand experience considering the fact that it consumes a lot of resources and efforts to design one. You should have a strategy before implementing any of your experiential marketing tactics. Some of the elements which businesses can include in their strategy to make it more competent are – always think of cross-channel promotion, give your audience something to remember and try to connect with them personally.
  • Why Use Google AdWords? Google AdWords is a well-known service provided by Google and is an effective tool to market or advertise your brand to your potential as well as current consumers. It equips with an ability to target, track and customize your marketing strategies and get the worth out of your marketing budget. Check out the complete post by Treefrog for more insights.
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