CAMP Favourite Marketing Blogs this week! March 14th, 2016

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CAMP is pleased to share the top member marketing blogs for this week. We hope that you enjoy the insights provided by our seasoned members.
  • How to get Started on Social Media by Lyra Communications can help business or organizations who have just started using social media tools and want to leverage them for better results. It tells us which social media channels to choose, how to build strategies for a better experience and what type of content to work on. Check out the amazing video post for a complete insight.
  • THE NEW FACEBOOK “LIKE” SYSTEM: WHAT DOES IT OFFER TO ONLINE CONSUMERS? By The Mad Mix discusses the new launch by Facebook – “new like system”. This system is somewhat similar to the emoji system used by Snapchat and Twitter. It allows the users to be more specific in term of their expressions towards a particular content and gives Facebook leverage from other emerging social media platforms. Check out the complete post to get more insights on this new launch.
  • Are You Making These Small Business Website Mistakes? By McCabe Marketing is focusing on some of the issues which business owners should work on for a better user experience. There are so many things which matters when you visit a website and as a business you have to consider them for a successful business. Things such as data collection points are imperative in today’s world as you should know the traffic sources, time spent on a particular page, consumer behavior and other details. Other things which need consideration are website speed, maintenance, easy navigation and many more.
  • The Importance of Good Website Navigation from Treefrog described the relevance of good website navigation. The navigation system of a website acts a roadmap to the information stored. If the ride is smooth, visitors will enjoy and would love to stay for a longer period. There are 3 things which need to be considered while designing a navigation system – your business, goals and audience. Other elements which of a good navigation or web experience are it should be conversion ready with a clear call to action. Check out the complete post for more tips on how to build an effective navigation system for your website.
  • How to Make Your Brand an Instagram Sensation by Elite Email tells us how to leverage this rapidly growing social media platform for brand development. The first step in the process is to claim a niche and then work towards it. Another aspect to consider is “hashtags”, as they could lead to increased response and viewership. Try to search for influencers, follow them and be willing to explore alternative such as videos. Please check out the complete post for more insights.
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