CAMP Favourite Marketing Blogs this week! March 28th, 2016

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Hello and welcome all to the last week of March 2016. CAMP is honored to have seasoned members which create top of the notch content and we love to appreciate their efforts. Please check out the listings below.
  • Showcase Pages: How To Leverage LinkedIn Most Underused Feature! This astounding post by Lyra Communications highlights the LinkedIn feature, “Showcase pages” which is not widely used. Showcase Pages gives your organization or business an ability to branch off and advertise a particular product or service to a specific segment. With minimal effort you can reach out to the interested people and improve sales with this feature of LinkedIn. Another add on which comes with this feature is, analytics, which means you can drill down and locate the profit centers. Check out this amazing post for more insights.
  • 5 Powerful Tips for Better List Segmentation! Segmentation is an imperative step these days and if done properly, it can help organizations save their budget. There are few segmentation tips which can definitely improve the results. Consumer data is available on social media and if organizations could drill down that data, they will have better idea of the consumers and they can target people accordingly. Another tip to boost your email marketing campaign is to build a persona for your audience. Check out the astonishing post by our very own Elite Email.
  • How To Get Your Website on Google! Google is the most extensively used search engine and organizations acknowledge its importance. It is imperative to be listed on the first page of Google otherwise you will lose a lot of customer. There are some aspects which need to be considered such as – which keywords or phrases your potential consumers are searching on Google. You should also have a track of the other activities such as number of backlinks, keyword mentions and shares. Please check this amazing post by McCabe Marketing for further details on how to befriend with Google.
  • Boost Your Business and Sales through Social Media! This post by Treefrog discusses the relevance of social media is a tool and how to leverage it. It allows you to extend the relationship with your potential consumers which lead to better conversion rates. Employees should try and represent as brand ambassadors in order to maintain the relationship and add credibility to organization’s name or reputation. Check out the complete post for more insights on using social media is a tool.
  • Should You Buy Online ads for your Small Business? Well, there is no perfect answer to it and it actually depends on the business. If that ad is aimed at people who are ready to make a purchase then it makes sense. For most people it is not possible to make an instant purchase so for that reason spending your budget on paid advertising is unfavorable. Check out the complete post by New Path Consulting for more details.
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