CAMP Favourite Marketing Blogs this week! March 7th, 2016

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Welcome all to a new week! CAMP is here with the weekly roundup of favourite marketing blogs. Please take a look below for the complete posts:
  • Crafting SMS Content That Speaks To Millennials by Elite Email reflects a strategy on how to approach this big segment of the market which is so connected to their phones that they can’t live without it. The best way to initiate a conversation is to understand the preference of millennial shoppers and for better experience there should be an employee interaction adds on to support your content or service. The last thing to appeal this segment is to push the boundaries of this relationship. Please check out the complete post to get a better idea on how to draft SMS content for this profitable segment of the market.
  • Boost Your Business and Sales Through Social Media! If as an organization or business you are not leveraging social media to generate business, you are definitely missing out a world of opportunities. According to a survey, more than 2 billion people use social media tools every day which open up a chance for enterprises to leave their mark and appeal consumers. The internet has no boundaries and globalization is at its peak: it’s time to be prepared with a social media strategy and how to use it for conversion purposes. Check out this astonishing post by Treefrog for some tips.
  • Touchpoints: Connecting with your Audience from Songbird Marketing Communications portray a picture for any organization which is looking for an advice in terms of influencer marketing. For startups, it is better to analyze the competitor’s strategy and figure out the potential touch points or influencers in their market segment. Whereas established organizations have to take a broader perspective and analyze all the aspects: before purchase, during purchase, and purchase for a better understanding of consumer behavior. Check out the complete post to learn more about this influential trend and how you can leverage it.
  • What Story Does Your Timeline Tell? Some social media channels are deigned in a way that it is easy to tell a story through it or there is clear mapping to it whereas others such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn needs to be deciphered. If you are using social media for professional use, it should transform your organization’s vision and should be inspiring and influential. Your timeline should be on track with the current trends and complimentary to competitors. Check out the insightful post by Successiory for more details.
  • 6 Secret To capturing Readers Attention by Empression discusses the challenges which organizations face in this world of content. It is getting harder every day to grab reader’s attention and one of the major key to appeal the audience is “creative content”. While writing content, you should have few things in mind such as – the target audience, being simple is the key, accessibility, staying in touch with the present, good content, and worth reading.
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