CAMP Marketing Award Winners and Judges Reveal What Makes a Campaign Great

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CAMP Marketing Award Winners and Judges Reveal What Makes a Campaign Great

Today’s customers are bombarded with advertising. According to a study by Media Dynamics, the average person sees 360 ads per day. With so much competition for your customer’s attention, how do you make your marketing campaigns stand out? The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) held our first Marketing Awards in October. The event honoured excellence in marketing from creative agencies, in-house marketing teams, individual marketers, and entrepreneurs. Here is what some of our winners and judges had to say about what makes a marketing campaign stand out: 1. Tap into the power of influencers. “Influences have quickly become a great way for brands to reach a broad audience,” says Candace Huntly, Principal and Founder, SongBird Marketing Communications. SongBird won in the Experiential category for its campaign for The goal of the campaign was to connect the brand with influencers, especially parenting bloggers. They did this through an exclusive event where influencers learned mixology and tasting tricks from the pros. In turn, this educated influencers and consumers about the brand. “It’s important to keep things fresh,” says Candace. “We wanted to have fun with because they offer tangible products, many that were virtually unknown. Did you know there are non-alcoholic spirits? It made sense to enable people to experience the brand and learn that non-alcoholic drinks can be sophisticated.” By connecting with influencers, was able to reach a large consumer crowd and showcase their products at future events. 2. Understand your goals. “It’s really important to understand your objectives and budget,” says Brian Jackson, VP of Business Solutions, Acosta Sales & Marketing. Brian served as a 2015 Marketing Awards Judge. “A great campaign doesn’t need a big investment, but your investment must align with the ROI that you expect.” 3. Mine personal connections and stories. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation’s #NoHairSelfie campaign won the Marketer of the Year – Not For Profit/Government award. The campaign invited “hair-ticipants” to show solidarity with cancer patients by shaving their heads, either actually or virtually via the #NoHairSelfie app. The campaign was a huge success – raising $1.85 million in its first year. It’s also poised to go global in 2016. “We knew that the campaign ask had to be simple and recognizable as a cancer fundraiser,” says Laura Syron, Vice President, Community Programs, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. “Asking people to shave their heads in solidarity with cancer patients and survivors was the right fit, as people around the world have been showing their support that way for years. We also wanted to include a low-barrier engagement option, so we created the virtual shave app.” “Cancer affects so many people, and people are so passionate about the cause that they’re willing to shave off their hair to help make a difference,” says Elspeth Baird, Director, #NoHairSelfie, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. “Mining personal connections and stories can inspire people to get involved, so we can help conquer cancer in our lifetime.” 4. Give consumers a reason to come back. “Running a campaign with an attractive Grand Prize is a great way to generate short-term interest and get people to register for a contest,” says Carlos Ponce, Director, Digital Strategy, VIBRANT Marketing. “However, you need to add value if you want to engage consumers, so they return and take actions beyond their initial sign up. This is what ultimately builds brand affinity.” VIBRANT Marketing won the Digital Marketing award for its “Breathe In, Breathe Out Experience” for hydraSense. “Our ultimate goal was to help people breathe better, so we wanted to give participants value beyond the contest prizes,” says Carlos. “We developed an immersive, digital breathing exercise platform that would help consumers while also delivering the brand’s key messages. This allowed hydraSense to engage consumers by giving them a valuable breathing exercise that they could return to again and again.” 5. Measure your results. “Marketers often run campaigns that are fun and creative,” says Jeffery Potvin, CEO, Hardboot, Inc. Jeffery served as a judge for the 2015 Marketing Awards. “However, it’s not always about something fun but about something you can improve on. Strong analytics and ROI are vital, so you know you’re meeting your objectives.” These are just a few of the amazing insights we learned at the CAMP Marketing Awards.

 – The author of this blog post is Rachel Foster, CEO and B2B Copywriter, Fresh Perspective Copywriting

Here is our list of  our CAMP Marketing winners and finalists:

   BRANDCanadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP This award is given to the marketer that demonstrates excellence in developing, launching, and/or evolving a brand, through campaigns that may include areas such as advertising, public relations, communications, and/or social media. Winners Agency Name: Revolution | Project Lead: Chris Burke, Senior Manager, Event Marketing Company Name: CIBC Run For The Cure (Chris Burke)  Finalists Agency Name: Monolith Idea   | Project Lead Name: Jacky Yang | Client Name: Motrin Agency Name: Proximity Canada | Project Lead Name: Summer Kim | Client Name: HP   Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP Digital  This category rewards the effective use of marketing in all categories of digital, including (but not limited to) SEO, SEM, social media, video production, market research, and data analysis/integration. Winner Agency Name: VIBRANT Marketing | Project Lead: Carlos Ponce | Client Name: hydraSense Finalists Agency Name:Memory Tree | Project Lead: Gary Cain | Client Name: The 2016 Ontario College Marketing Competition Agency Name: Tendril | Project Lead: Christopher Bahry & Alex Torres | Client Name: Molson Coors Altitude Agency Name: Twisted Frame | Project Lead: Justin Millerson | Client Name: Ask the Doctor   Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMPExperiential  This category highlights excellence in experiential marketing and covers areas such as trade show booths, events, and/or guerilla marketing.   Winner Agency: SongBird Marketing Communications | Project Lead: Candace Huntly Client Name: Finalists Project Lead:Kirk Clyne | Agency Name: Art & Science Project Lead: Ember Chance | Company Name: Rogers/Fido   Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals CAMPIntegration This category will award excellence in the use and integration of all marketing categories – digital to traditional media.   Winner Agency Name:Proximity Canada | Client Name: Shomi Digital Finalists Agency Name: BeNovel | Project Lead: Beth Craig | Client Name: Sneak Peek e-Pub Preview Chapters Agency Name: Blade Creative Branding Inc. | Project Lead: Kathryn Hess | Client Name: Columbia Laboratories Canada Inc. Company Name: TVO | Project Lead:James Powell   Traditional Marketing Channels  Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP This award identifies exemplary performance in traditional forms of marketing, such as television, radio, billboard, or print advertising, or direct mail channels.   Winner Company Name: UM | Project Lead: Katherine E. Fera | Client Name: ShockTop Finalists Agency Name: ClearMotive Marketing Group | Project Lead:Chad Kroeker | Company Name: Honda Company Name: Johnson Insurance | Project Lead: Akhilesh Chandy    

Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMPMARKETER OF THE YEAR (Corporate)

These awards are given to outstanding marketers/companies for their collective work in the marketing field in 2015.   Winner Company Name: Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment (MLSE) Finalist  Agency: Stratovate Group | Project/Agency Lead: Alex Baldocchi ­| Company Name: D&A Group/Stratovate Agency Name: Proximity Canada | Company Name: Mercedes-Benz Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals Marketer of the Year – Small to Mid Size Enterprise    Winner Company Name: Inc | Project Lead:Amanda Connon-Unda Finalists Agency: Ignite Digital | Client Name: Project Lead: Roger Brenninkmeyer | Company Name: Branding for Good Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals Marketer of the Year – Entrepreneur   Winner Company Name: Green Lotus | Project Lead: Bassem Ghali Finalists Agency: Candy Box Marketing | Project Lead: Darrell Keezer Agency Name: PATIO Interactive | Project Lead: Charles Bern   Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP   Marketer of the Year –Not for Profit/Government    Winner Company Name: The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation | Agency Name: Fourth Dimension | Project Lead/Client: Laura Syron Finalists Company Name: Tennis Canada | Project Lead: Mark Healy, CMO | Agency Name: Revolution Company Name: TVO | Project Lead:James Powell Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP Student (4 Finalists Chosen in this Category)   Winner Project Lead: Richard Le | Company Name: Humber Advertising and Marketing Communications Students Finalists Company Name: Guelph – Students Offering Support | Project Lead:Clara Chan Company Name: Hockey Stock | Project Lead: Stefan Kollenberg College Name: George Brown Marketing Students | Project Lead: Michael Tucker  

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