CAMP Favourite Marketing Blogs this week! February 1st, 2016

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Welcome all to a new week ! It is CAMP’s pleasure to share with you this week’s favourite marketing blogs. Check out the complete article to get more insights from our very own professional and seasoned members.
  • ADD: Attention Directed Downwards Syndrome ! This syndrome refers to your attention towards your mobile devices. When you are in a subway or having a coffee, your eyeballs are busy gazing through the mobile devices. This blog post by Candy Box Marketing, predicts that the year 2016 is not for mobile marketing. Check out the complete post for more insights on mobile marketing and how you can leverage it to generate more leads or retain the previous customers. 2016 is NOT the year for Mobile
  • Re marketing – An effective way to reach out to those people who recently visited your organization’s website. Google Ad Words is the most powerful PPC (pay per click ) tool in the world as it allows you to put paid ads on the search result pages of Google. This insightful post written by McCabe Marketing has explained the concept of re-marketing and how does it work? Please do check the complete post for a better marketing strategy. Google’s AdWords provides you with remarketing capabilities.
  • This blog post is for all the global marketing organizations or for those who are building their global marketing strategy. The astute post is published by our very own Verbaccino and covers all the premium resources needed to devise a global marketing strategy. The resources suggested in this post is to give you an international perspective and how you can alter your strategy to be successful in the global market. Check out the complete post at – 10 More Recommended Resources for International Marketers.
  • Having a presence on social media is as vital as having a marketing strategy for your product or service. This next post by Elite Email is focused on how to leverage social media platforms, especially GOOGLE+ for a thriving brand presence. It suggests you to have things like – strong headline, research for appropriate hashtags, keep a posting schedule and try not to have monotonous posts. Check out the complete post for a greater degree of understanding – Are you Making the Most out of Your Presence on GOOGLE+.
  • Experiential Marketing or Event Marketing is a type of marketing strategy  which aims to do brand development by encouraging and engaging consumers.  This blog post by Songbird Marketing Communications can help you avoid some mistakes which marketeers often do when designing a public design for brand development.  Check out the complete post to know more about the things which you can avoid easily for a a lucrative public stunt. 7 THINGS TO AVOID WHEN DOING EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING
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