CAMP’s Favourite Blogs this Week! June 6, 2016

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Here are CAMP’s Favourite blog posts for this week below. Take a look and check out the full post with the links provided down below. Enjoy! Small Business & Email marketing: Create the best campaign Possible by Elite Email highlights what small business can do with a tight budget to create the best marketing campaign by using email marketing. To this day a great way to reach customers if you are a business is through email. Elite Email gives five tips in their article what a business should be doing when using email marketing. Go on over to Elite Email and check out the full article there. “Advertising doesn’t work on me” – The lie detector test determine that was a lie by MAD Mix talks about how every ad we see isn’t always directed towards you and that the effectives advisement really depends on whether or not you are the intended audiences for this ad. Further more an ad can be to remind, inspire action, or simply inform. This article also speaks on the way we perceive brands and how an advertisement can be affected. Head on over to MAD Mix blog sites to read the full article. Facebook lead Ads: Do they delivers? by Lyra Communications goes into how Facebook ads makes it manageable to get a generation attention. This article gives us answers on a few question people have on Facebook ads, like what stops people from buying Facebook lead ads and they also answer if lead ads deliver. They also list reason why Facebook lead ads are effective to get to Canadians today. Check out the full article by Lyra Communications here. Content Marketing by Treefrog talks about how content marketing is one of the most important things that help drive a business forward. Not everybody could do it because it takes dedication and a true understanding. For everything posted there must be something compelling so that you can attract the reader. Some business may have to invest in a content marketing plan to generate content creation. Go check out the full article about content marketing on Treefrog blog site here. How to create a slogan that sticks by McCabe Marketing goes into detail on how creating a tagline that represent your company really well. This blog post provides you with steps to remember when making a tagline, some example of these are flair, uniqueness, and brevity. A tagline should be the simple and help you define your business or company. With a little brainstorming and the right people even the worst idea can turn into a amazing slogan. Head on over to McCabe Marketing to read the full blog post now. About Us: The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) is a not for profit professional organization of marketers of all types. We are committed to providing an environment of collaboration and opportunity for marketers. Established in August of 2014, CAMP provides education, professional development, networking, awards, and mentoring for Canadian marketers. Find out more about us here.

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