We all love CAMP.

Whether we came from the city, the country, or the suburbs, camp is a place that holds a lot of nostalgia. It’s where we learned, laughed, and ultimately grew. It’s where we tested ourselves, tried new things, and made lasting connections. And we had a heck of a lot of fun at camp. It was in this spirit that we created the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (our CAMP), an organization of marketers of all types, who come together to connect, learn, and grow. We are a group of leaders past, present, and future striving to collaborate, share stories, and improve our knowledge to elevate the profession and ourselves as marketers. CAMP was formed in February of 2014 and officially launched in August of 2014 with a specific focus to providing opportunity and collaboration for all Canadian marketers. Our focus is on keeping the marketer relevant – to meet the ever changing business landscape while providing a trusted community to our members. While we began with a few passionate marketers wanting to create an environment that mattered, we have grown to include a network of marketers at all levels – marketing executives in large companies, marketing directors and managers in SMEs, marketing entrepreneurs and consultants, specialists like SEO experts, graphic designers, and copywriters, agencies of all sizes, and students embarking on a new career in marketing.   Want to learn more about the benefits of joining CAMP? Check out reasons why! 
Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - Our Story

Just like our name, CAMP is an organization of connection, learning, and collaboration – where member learn as much as they have fun.

Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

CAMPers David Di Benedetto (City of Vaughan), Fina Scroppo, Tina Gaisin, Michael Grammer, Kathrin Bussmann, Nadine Evans, and Matthew Georgiadis pose following CAMP’s April 15 event.


“The network I built within CAMP has grown my business, my career, and been invaluable to my learning as a marketer.” – Patrick Icasas, freelance writer & marketing consultant, WriteAway

“I joined CAMP because I liked the idea of being a part of an organization that will unite the marketing profession in Canada, but the value that I have gotten out of CAMP has far exceeded my expectations. Not only have I expanded my community with great colleagues and advisors, but I’ve also obtained several leads and referrals through my CAMP connections, and I’ve expanded my expertise with their excellent educational events. In short, my CAMP membership has paid for itself many times over. I’m proud to be a part of this innovative organization.” – Sarah Zeldman, TheEmarketingMaven.com  
CAMP - Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

Tom Vassos of IBM, Tracey Quennell of Canada Post and Stephen Boyd of CBC comprise our first panel of judges.

CAMP - Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

Robert Burko & Matthew Georgiadis of Elite Email pose with CAMP’s Seema Singh

Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMP

Member of the RMA, CAMP and The Amazing Case Judging Panel pose with winners Jason Kraemer, Catherine Klostranec and Alex Minhas.