Canadian Marketers Outlook 2016

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At the end of 2015, CAMP joined forced with member digital agency Ignite Digital to launch the 2016 Canadian Marketers Outlook report, with a specific goal to gain insights from Canadian marketers. While a great deal of published research tracks marketing opinions and purchasing rationale south of the border, there wasn’t an abundance of available insights into the Canadian market. The report is now live, and completely free for all the view. You can download the report here. You can also use the link below: The report is designed to help Canadian marketers across Canada feel confident about their marketing decisions. A few highlights from the report are captured below.
  • 48% of Marketers expect a dramatic Increase in Marketing Budgets for 2016
  • Marketers believe website development is the #1 key to Marketing Success
  • Digital Initiatives cannibalize Traditional Initiatives by 83% in 2016
Here is a brief video of the Report: We would like to thank all of the marketers who took part in the survey.  

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