Celebrity Marketing: Use it to Boost Business

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Nowadays, a lot of the products that we use have been endorsed by celebrities in some shape or form.  Your favorite skin cream may have been used by a model in a commercial, while Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 seems to advertise anything she is offered on her Instagram feed.  The idea of celebrity marketing is to encourage the fans of said celeb to buy your product in order to emulate the celebrities that they look up to, and it works.  By matching the right celebrity to your brand or products, you can boost business, increase sales, and get the word out about your products in a much quicker time frame.

Finding the Right Celebrity

Not every celebrity is going to be right for your products.  In some cases, you may have a celeb already using your product and you can reach out to them and ask them to spread the word – however, this scenario is unlikely.  In most cases, you will need to speak to your contacts and ask them who they have connections with.  Alternatively, you can also email or phone the agents of celebrities and ask them if they have anyone who would be willing to promote your products for a price. You also need to consider whether fans of the celebrity would be willing to buy your products.  For example, take a look at Snoop Dogg.  He has recently partnered with Tweed to distribute Snoop Dogg marijuana products in Canada.  The president of Tweed has openly stated that Snoop Dogg is “one of the most trusted voices in the industry”, and by partnering with him, they are not only benefiting from celebrity marketing, but they are also able to easily market to people with a similar culture.

Things to Consider

In the same way that Tweed partnered with a celebrity who was already well known in their industry, you also want to work with someone that is relevant in some way to your brand.  Here are a few things to consider:
  • Would your ideal customers want to emulate this celebrity?
  • Does the celebrity have a similar age, lifestyle, career, personality and socioeconomic status as your target market?
  • Would you be happy with them being the face of your brand? Or would you be constantly worried about what risky situations they’re going to get into next?
  • Do your values line up?
  • Is the celebrity someone who is easy to get along with, or do you think making a deal will be a lot of hard work that could even backfire?
  • How many fans interact with them on social media?

Maximize the Results

Once you have found a celebrity that you can partner with, the easiest way to promote your products is via social media.  Take a look at the number of followers they have, and prepare your campaign ahead of time. Ideally, you’ll want the celebrity to take a photo or video of themselves using your products, which they will then share with their audience.  With their permission, you could also use this video on your website to grab the attention of organic traffic that reaches your site. It’s also a good idea to issue a press release along with the endorsement.  This may then get picked up by media outlets and improve the reach of your campaign even further.

In Summary

Finding the perfect celebrity to advertise your brand is the hard part.  However, if you take some time on getting this right, the increase in traffic to your website and sales for your product can be phenomenal.  It is definitely something to look into!

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