ClearMotive Marketing Group: Bringing Brands to Life

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ClearMotive Marketing Group, nominated in the Integration category for the 2016 CAMP Marketing Awards, pioneer the possibilities of bringing brands to life by crafting impactful marketing solutions, redefining meaningful strategies and delivering engaging experiences. When trying to understand their client’s businesses from every which angle, they always start with taking the time to identify powerful strengths of the client at hand, defining brand identity, and facing real challenges head-on. These actions powered with ClearMotive’s thirst to fully immerse themselves within their client’s business truly ensures their objective of bringing brands to life. “Here at ClearMotive we don’t simply believe in picking sides when it comes to specialization in traditional or digital marketing. Our strong commitment across all spectrums of advertising allows us to strategically move the needle for our clients. We see and understand that great marketing requires a full service approach fueled by big ideas.” – Tyler Chisholm, CEO, Managing partner Integration Award Finalist ClearMotive’s award-nominated success in traditional and digital marketing didn’t transpire overnight, they put forward an effective commitment to delivering measurable results and valuable brand experiences for their clients. “We believe the right strategy isn’t found in a turnkey template that worked for a similar client; it must be a comprehensive blueprint precisely tailored to support and align the unique culture, core values and business-focused goals of today and tomorrow.” ClearMotive really cares about their clients and it is evident in their pursuit of success for all. The Honda “Awaken your 500 senses” motorcycle campaign ClearMotive generated undeniable awareness for the Honda Motorcycle brand and specifically the 2016 debut of three new “500” series motorcycle models. The campaign was carefully designed to flow seamlessly through a variety of social, digital, and traditional areas. Their marketing strategy was carefully crafted on four areas of importance: Character, Reputation, Design, and Technology. The overall vision for the campaign was to emotionally appeal to both inexperienced and mature motorcycle riders seeking an affordable, reliable, and most of all sporty product through bold new asset creation and several scalable marketing solutions. This is what ClearMotive lives to do, so they jumped on the opportunity to explore uncharted territory in Canada. They ensured Honda Canada was among the first major brands to pioneer the interactive use of SnapChat and Facebook Canvas advertising tactics. This allowed them to reach their targeted audience. Taking action, ClearMotive exposed Canadian consumers to the thrill and excitement of riding a motorcycle through powerful imagery and engaging video. They can contribute a sharp market share increase of 24% in the sport motorcycle category and an 86% increase in unique online visitors to the successful targeting and awareness generated by the “Awaken your 500 senses” campaign. The integrated marketing campaign was created to capture lightning in a bottle, delivering the spirited and visceral feeling of freedom in the form of motorcycle ownership to a receptive targeted consumer audience. ClearMotive Marketing Group ClearMotive’s integrated approach was successfully assisted by video for the Honda “Awaken your 500 senses” motorcycle campaign. It was vital that they set out and ensure each and every second of video was precisely optimized and rearranged for a flawless fit within each respective platform being integrated into the campaign. By utilizing various video elements across multiple channels, they were able to track and reach consumers on every device being used throughout their potential purchase journey, including overall brand awareness and generating demand of high product interest to fuel their desired acquisition and purchase consideration goals. The element of video being packaged into various formats offered engaging brand awareness to new riders, rewarded loyalty amongst existing fans of the brand, leveraging existing Honda Motorcycle recognition and brand equity built by the memorable CBR300R sport motorcycle commercial, which was nominated for a CAMP-Award in 2015. ClearMotive used the integration of strategic video, photography, and animation combined together in order to create a truly interactive Facebook canvas advertisement. This showcased the new Honda 500 series products while telling the Honda Motorcycle brand story through unit engagement of product features, benefits and engineering. The integrated campaign is credited with increases of over 80% of valuable unique visitors being driven to the specific “Awaken your 500 senses” make/model category page online. Results of the campaign The “Awaken your 500 senses” campaign drove considerable tangible results for Honda. It delivered nationwide awareness and product recognition, reaching over 22 million delivered digital impressions, including video views and retargeted consumers, over 9 million social impressions, all strategically spread across various user platforms with record levels of website engagement and a strong delivery index of 110% throughout the duration of the campaign. The National television commercial for “Awaken your 500 senses” was specifically targeted to reach their key demographic with audience numbers reaching over 26 million viewers across Canada, leading to valuable awareness and conclusive campaign results. “This fully integrated campaign for Honda Canada stood up and delivered through the strategic use of marketing firsts, which came together to form something positively special. As the first agency to employ a number of these new platforms in Canada, they weren’t just chosen because they’re shiny, trendy and exciting; we deliberately devise the most successful campaign strategy and bring it to life, allowing our clients to connect with consumers and showcase their brand.” – Tyler Chisholm, CEO, Managing partner What is in ClearMotive’s future? As a National agency with Eastern and Western offices located in Canada, they’re currently concentrating on continued expansion and growth of their full marketing services and AOR for both new and existing clients out of the ClearMotive Toronto office. Their well-established Western Canada headquarters in Calgary has also been instrumental in setting the standards for inspirational culture and business excellence, making up the very core of their dynamic agency formula. They’ve also focused spearheading a number of technical initiatives in the digital space allowing their team and their clients to continuously understand the consumer journey, investing in moments that matter, and approach to the art of connecting with consumers at the right time, in just the right way. ClearMotive Marketing Group is a finalist in the Integration category for our 2016 CAMP Marketing Awards. Winners will be announced at CAMP’s Awards Gala on November 2nd. 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Cory GeorgiadisCory is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph, Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing Management program. He is currently interning for CAMP, learning the tools to becoming a sophisticated marketing professional. He can be reached directly by email at or through twitter @corygeorgiadis. 

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