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INKAS® Group of Companies is an international corporation with presence in a multitude of industries and geographies headquartered in Toronto. For over two decades, INKAS® has been offering integrated security solutions for retailers, government agencies, financial institutions, global corporations and high-profile individuals all over the world. INKAS® began its operations in 1993 as a cash-in-transit company. Since then, they have an armored vehicle manufacturing company which provides armored SUVs, sedans and other special purpose vehicles for their cash-in-transit company and other markets. In 2012, they further developed business to include Metaline that offers complete metal fabrication services. They also expanded their operations to include professional limousine and hearse manufacturing. Parallel to that, they created the point-of-sales company, which was complementary to the cash-in-transit business, and further expanded it into AppGear, a technology firm specializing in software development and task automation. Marketer of the Year Corporate INKAS®’ Fully Integrated Approach to Marketing INKAS® uses a mix of traditional (i.e., publishing in industry magazines, participating in trade shows and hosting their own events) and digital media, as they recognize that some of their markets do not use a lot of online media. They get involved in major industry events, such as the Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition (ADEX-2016), where they are presenting their new line of products. INKAS®’ social media platforms, which include Facebook (close to 4,000 followers), Twitter and LinkedIn, support ongoing conversations and strengthen their relationships with their followers. Their increased focus on social media the past few years has paid off: compared to the last year, they minimized their bounce rate, and increased visitor behaviour engagement and acquisition impacts. Organic media buzz has also helped them become a more recognizable brand to the public. In June 2016, INKAS® Sentry APC made an impressive entrance to the MMVAs red carpet carrying Fifth Harmony members. A little later INKAS® cash-in-transit truck experienced its first debut in the movie Scratch. The Role of (Internal and External) Marketing in INKAS®’ Company Vision INKAS®’ vision is strongly supported by their marketing and sales departments. Besides offering various learning opportunities, INKAS® has successfully implemented an integrated mentoring program and they recognize outstanding performance of their employees by organizing annual INKAS® Fun Day for the staff and their families. Apart from that, this year the company celebrated a 20-year anniversary milestone where The Employee of the Year winners were announced and rewarded for their outstanding service. INKAS group of companies This year, INKAS® receivd the Leaders in Employment Awards from JVS Toronto, by hiring and integrating internationally trained professionals and contributing to the Canadian economy. They are also the Title Event Sponsor of the 2016 Exceptional Abilities Gala held by the Reena Foundation, which this year honoured Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders. By running the business globally for more than 20 years, they recognize the increasing importance of the digital world.  Being the largest lead generator, INKAS®’ website is strongly supported by SMM campaigns and media hits from industry related sources. They are constantly working on SEO optimization to improve their engine search partition, earn awareness and credits. One of the best ROI INKAS® marketing practices is participating in major industry tradeshows that allow INKAS® to present and lead the trends in the defense and security industries. INKAS® is actively involved in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media platforms providing quality content on a regular basis. Moreover, their sales representatives see the value by using LinkedIn to develop and grow life-long relationships with their clients. About Author:

Lian Novak

Lian Novak is a Toronto-based marketing communications professional. She is passionate about brand management, writing and all things fashionable. Oh, and pie. Always pie. She can be reached directly at and you can follow her musings on Twitter @Lian_Novak.

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