Content Marketers Think in ‘Conversions’

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Forget Selling CAMP’s first 2016 webinar, Content Marketing - CAMP “Giving Content Legs,” held on January 19, had a plethora of useful advice for even the most rudimentary of content marketers. Patrick Icasas, Content Marketing Strategist and B2B Writer, hosted the seminar, and provided a number of insights on how marketers can leverage content to grow their brand. His best piece of advice? Do not sell. “In content marketing, there’s no sales pitch. Instead, marketers must think in terms of conversions – a specific action you want a consumer to take.” There’s no doubt about it, content marketing is a broad term, and some may say, a little overused. Simply put (and defined by the Content Marketing Institute), content marketing is: the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action” (Source) The focus on content has been nothing short of revolutionary – the next big wave in marketing. Yoav Schwartz, CEO and Co-founder of Canadian Uberflip, a platform for marketers to create, manage and optimize content experiences for every stage of the buyer journey, recently sat down with CAMP for a discussion on the future of content, and had this to share, “Content has changed the way people think about marketing…it’s – be helpful first, sell second.” Established in 2012, Uberflip knows a thing or two about content. They’ve grown from a bootstrapping kind of a place to over 60 employees. They believe that great content creates meaningful relationships, and Yoav predicts the trend towards marketing content isn’t changing anytime soon. So how can marketers get the best use of a content focused approach? Patrick advises marketers to first think of the value of the content to the audience. “Ask yourself, ‘What is my core expertise? What does my customer want to know?’ And then, ‘How can I provide it to them?” A departure from overt selling isn’t exactly new to marketers, but certainly can be a slow, subtle game. Thinking in terms of conversions is imperative, as Patrick continues, “start small and build up your conversion asks. Something like a comment, a sign up for a newsletter or a social media share works well.” He cautions against jumping to a ‘big ask’ like a purchase or a recommendation until an established relationship has been developed. “A piece of content should only have one call to action,” Patrick advises. “More than one ask dilutes the message. A marketer should always answer for a consumer “What’s in it for them?” and that can be a helpful e-book or a link to a webinar.” However, be sure to understand what your audience wants, as Patrick explains, “It has to be something the audience values, not necessarily what the marketer values.” CAMP’s first 2016 webinar can be viewed on our YouTube channel, and is available for all members on our portal. The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) is a not for profit organization of marketers of all types, providing education, professional development, information, and recognition for marketers. To learn more about our vision and objectives, please click here. About the Author: Raised in a small town in Newfoundland, Nadine headed west after graduating and fell in love with the bustle of Toronto. Her true passion is marketing and she’s spent the last 15 years in marketing roles, and CAMP's CEOis the co-founder and CEO of the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP). When she’s not connecting with other marketers through CAMP, Nadine is at the soccer field, gym, or swimming pool cheering on her two favourite munchkins, trying not to become that mom everyone fears.

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