Corporate Culture Must Reflect Your Brand

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80% of Turnover is Due to a Bad Hiring Decision. Bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the individual’s first-year potential earnings. Hiring for fit is imperative – for everyone.

CAMP - Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

Aline Ayoub poses with Leslie Shernofsky after her HR presentation on Thursday morning

CAMP’s January learning breakfast hosted HR expert and consultant Aline Ayoub, who focused on the importance of streamlining hiring policies to ensure fit. The event, held last Thursday (on a very cold morning), brought together CAMPers, entrepreneurs, and business owners with plenty of questions about hiring. Aline discussed job hiring plans, the importance of taking time to make thorough decisions, and most importantly, hiring for fit. Hiring can sometimes feel like an area outside of our focus as marketers, but it’s not only imperative for growing our teams, but also our brand. Our teams are our greatest ambassadors. Our employees must reflect the values of the organization – to ‘walk the talk’, otherwise, it’s not an HR problem, and it’s a marketing problem. And that’s a major problem. We wrote about it in a blog post in May of last year (Your Brand’s Worst Nightmare), and we’re happy that Aline reminded us of the issue again. A bad hire isn’t just bad on your finances – it can be detrimental to your brand and company image. For more details about Aline Ayoub and her thoughts on Hiring the right person, please visit her website:     Take a look at our CAMPers! CAMP - Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals Event -  Jan 14 2015 Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - CAMPCAMP - Event January 14 2015

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