Selecting Your Digital Toolkit

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Digital Tools Every Content Marketer Should Add to Their Toolkit

With the invention of the Internet, the scope of marketing has changed. We have information at our fingertips, a new app is invented everyday, and we’re connected with each other like never before. Today marketers must be digitally-savvy. A skill set specific to the online world is expected. Every industry requires a toolkit of some kind; here are a few digital tools every content marketer should consider adding to theirs:

For Writing

The ability to write is one of the most important marketing skills. No one wants to be the brand who has a misspelled word in a caption or campaign. An article by Hubspot includes a massive mistake by Miller Brewing Co. who spelt “contraditcion” instead of “contradiction” on a billboard. A billboard, ouch. There are theories that Starbucks employees spell our names wrong on purpose. Why? Because we share the cups on social, giving the company free marketing. Yet, this won’t work for every brand and smart marketers will double-check their work. Grammarly is one of the best writing tools for content marketers. It corrects spelling errors, grammar, and offers suggestions to make your content flow. Readability is key and with Grammarly’s help, your content will become more engaging.

For Visuals

People expect marketers to have some knowledge of Photoshop…but it’s a skill that isn’t as easy as riding a bicycle. It requires lessons and practice. In the meantime, there are other tools you can use for visual content. They are straight-forward and your creativity won’t stifled. Even the most Photoshop-challenged marketer can use them. Trust me. No one will be the wiser. If you’ve never used Canva, sign up right now. I’ll wait for you to come back. Canva offers specific design templates for social platforms, blogging, magazines, infographics, advertisements, events and email headers. It’s a one-stop shop for all your needs – from templates and fonts, to illustrations and photos (free and paid). Over is perfect for quote images, which are popular on Instagram. It’s not surprising to see brands incorporate them into their feeds. The app offers many features including: creative design templates, font options, and the ability to add your logo to a finished image.

For Management

Planning is essential to every content marketer’s success, especially if you’re juggling multiple brands. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with social platforms to manage, special holidays to be aware of, and industry news to post. This is where management tools come into play. Hootsuite is usually mentioned amongst content marketers (and with good reason). However, there are other tools you many have heard of, but not tried, that are simpler alternatives. Buffer’s dashboard is clean and easy to use. You can schedule posts for different platforms, ensure messaging is consistent, and use analytics. Buffer is a great tool because unlike Hootsuite, the dashboard is simple; yet offers helpful features. Later‘s strength lies in its ability to manage content for Instagram. The “Preview” feature ensures your feed’s aesthetic will be on-brand and consistent. Captions can be typed out weeks in advance, ensuring they are witty, informative, and relevant. With great power comes great responsibility, a wise man once said. Content marketers have a very powerful role in how they develop and market a brand. One misspelled word, unappealing photo, or unorganized planning schedule could hurt a brand’s image. Adding these digital tools to your toolkit will make your life easier. Use them well.   Author, Nesh Pillay, Vice President of Marketing at EQ Works and Founder, Press Pillay Twitter: @PillayNesh

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