“Dream it to Achieve it”

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So far in the CAMP Marketing Awards blog series, we have focused mostly on experienced marketers who have exceled in the industry for many years. Today, however, we will shift the spotlight to the marketers of tomorrow. Dakarai Turner is a recent graduate from Humber’s Advertising and Marketing Communications (ADMC) program and one member of ACDC//Creative, a self-described dream team that has been working overtime on a marketing project for their client, Hero Certified Burgers. Marketer of the Year Student “We want to create ideas that people will respond to in a positive manner and we hope to make a positive change in anything that we do,” said Turner, who has found his team nominated at this year’s CAMP Marketing Awards. “We fit in the category of young innovators; coming up with new ideas trying to show the world something they have never seen before.” Inspired by their “dream it to achieve it” slogan, ACDC//Creative’s latest innovative idea was a successful integrated marketing campaign for Hero Certified Burgers. The popular burger chain wanted to bring back the “Certified” in their moniker. In order to do this, ACDC//Creative developed a contest where people from different areas of the GTA could create their own burger and “#GetCertified” with Hero Certified Burgers. In order to participate, Contestants would post and share their #GetCertified burger on social media and generate votes. On the Hero Certified Burger webpage, you could find the contest details, as well as created burgers that could be voted on. Winning burgers would be announced on the Hero Certified Burgers webpage, feature the creator/ingredients in the burger, and get a spot on the menu of the participating city locations. From Student to Master The #GetCertified campaign was Turner and his team’s capstone project at Humber, a significant part of a final project they had to complete as part of the ADMC program. Turner feels that this project has helped lay the foundation for him to move into a successful career now that he has graduated. “It was the real deal,” he said. “Having realistic roles in the project helped us further understand what sort of work we would be doing in the actual advertising and marketing industry.”  ACDC// Creative Turner explained that experiencing everything from prepping for a client brief to presenting in front of the clients themselves was a significant confidence booster and further proof for future employers that students graduating from Humber in the ADMC program have the experience and knowledge to jump right into the work force. Now looking ahead to a career, Turner reflected on his project and reiterated what truly made ACDC//Creative a successful marketing team. “it is very important for students to understand the importance of true teamwork,” he concluded. “I think that all students experience having less than great group members, but it’s how you handle those situations that prepare you for life and the industry.” After spending the entire school year working extremely hard on this project, Turner and his team are looking forward to the Awards and continuing to make a name for themselves in the industry. ACDC//Creative is a finalist in the Student category for our 2016 CAMP Marketing Awards. Winners will be announced at CAMP’s Awards Gala on November 2nd. To learn more about the event, please visit: https://www.eply.com/CAMP2016Conference-AwardsGala About Author: Liam is a marketing and communications professional currently living in Toronto. Liam O'Donovan A global career has taken him from Edmonton to Copenhagen and Hong Kong where he has specialized in online marketing, social media and copywriting. He is available for freelance writing and marketing projects and can be reached at liam.r.odonovan@gmail.com or at linkedin.com/in/liamodonovan.

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