Dutch Design Week

CAMP Dutch Week in Netherlands October 22- 28, 2017 Eindhoven, Netherlands Join the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) at the largest design event in Northern Europe, Dutch Design Week (DDW) along with exclusive marketing focused programming in Amsterdam.
  • Network with over 295,000 like-minded visitors from across the globe
  • Explore the work of over 2,500 designers
  • Visit exhibitions, lectures, awards, networking events, discussions and festivities spread over a hundred locations throughout the city
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Trip Description

CAMP visit to Dutch Design Week

Trip Length: 1 week
Departure Date: 21st October, 2017
Return Date: 28th October, 2017

Ground Transportation to Eindhoven

Pick up at airport & transfer to hotel (approx. 1 ½ hours) Afternoon - free time to snooze, refresh and explore.

Welcome Dinner

Welcome dinner in Eindhoven, a short talk and DDW wrist bands (tickets) given out

October 23, 2017

Breakfast at hotel, depart using local transport/shuttles for DDW events.

We start your DDW experience with a guided ‘Trend Tour’ to learn what’s hot this year. We will show you what is on offer in the various buildings and spaces so that you can curate your personal experience based on you own particular interests. This gives you free time to explore the extensive Strijp-S complex – the former home of multiple Philips factories and offices and see what you want to see. For example, including exhibitions such as the best design graduates of Spatial and Graphic Design, Design is a tradition, not a trend, Bricks of the future, Communication and Multimedia in design, the Klokgebouw showcases innovation in design & sustainability. The open area of the Ketelhuisplein is home to students and young designers who often cause us to question our version of reality. The MU gallery is hosting an exhibition of various artists with the theme ‘For Play’. This graphically explores the contemporary culture of eroticism, gratification, lust and desire. There are more than 100 listings in this area – hence why we give you the freedom to choose.

At the end of the afternoon we will travel to the Piet Hein Eek workshop and exhibition. Here you will see many artists and designers who use waste material in new and funky ways. Construction & architecture are presented in new and sometimes surprising ways.

You will be returned to your hotel in time for dinner. Dinner (not included). You will be provided with a number of recommendations within walking distance of the hotel.

October 24, 2017

Breakfast at hotel.

We begin with a visit to the Philips Museum which is housed in the original lamp making factory of 1891. During DDW, there is a special exhibition of product designs during the Space Age and their influence on later designs.

From there, we will walk to Kazerne where we will journey into the beauty of intriguing (light) art and design. This area was a former military police barracks and a garage/warehouse belonging to the cleaning department of the local council. Both were derelict for decades but have now been transformed into a place where different milieus could come together to eat and drink, sleep, work and relax, while at the same time being inspired by exciting and challenging exhibitions which would make them reflect upon the social, cultural and economic issues of today and tomorrow. In the afternoon, we will visit more of the many exhibitions in the city. We will finish at the Design Academy to view the exhibition of the graduating class of 2017 – a highlight for the citizens of Eindhoven. You will be returned to your hotel in time for dinner. 

Dinner (not included). You will be provided with a number of recommendations within walking distance of the hotel. There is also the option to rent a bike (small fee) and tour the city yourself.

October 25, 2017

Breakfast at hotel, depart using local transport/shuttles for DDW events. 

Our first stop is the Temporary Art Centre (TAC). While we are there, a workshop Hackathon is taking place - 'Redesign the Netherlands in 48 hours’. Perhaps we will see some great ideas…. There are also some other exhibitions such as an investigation into Eindhoven's contemporary architectural culture, as well as graduation pieces from Graphic Design students from Arnhem.

Then we go to the Technical University of Eindhoven (T/Ue) to see the twenty-six best graduation plans (landscape) architecture and urban design of 2017.

Next is an exhibition that shows the added value of Virtual and Augmented Reality techniques, followed by a visit to Design Perron where you will see a number of intriguing designs for furniture & clothing such as Digital Crafts - sustainably made furniture, digitally produced without any screws, nails or glue. Shapeways Factory Tour TBC. Shapeways is a 3D printing company producing items ranging from fashion and jewelry to home deco and musical instruments.

We will end the day with a visit to Sectie-C. This is a re-purposed collection of buildings where art and technology meet. Artists experiment daily with glass, steel, animation, sound, music, electronics and much more. Sit around a log fire and enjoy your favourite beverage while meeting the locals. 

Dinner (not included) is open for you to try one of the many options available in the complex including a food design studio that experiments with the artistic and sensory experience of food or simple but tasty street food.

October 26, 2017

Following breakfast at the hotel, we leave Eindhoven and travel to a 7th-generation, family owned brewery that has received worldwide critical acclaim for its marketing campaigns. It exports more than six million hectoliters of beer to 120 countries.

That is followed by another company visit. Details will follow.

Company visit. Details will follow.

Private tour of De Haar Castle, the biggest and most luxurious castle in The Netherlands. Evg arrival in Amsterdam centre. Check in to hotel (opposite central station).

Dinner (not included). You will be provided with a number of recommendations within walking distance of the hotel.

October 27, 2017

Free time to explore this wonderful city. Farewell dinner in Amsterdam.

October 28, 2017

Following breakfast, check out of hotel and travel to Schiphol Airport by train.

  Program Overview   Notes/Additional Items: Subject to change without notice. Program of DDW may change depending on artists. Any dietary or mobility requirements must be indicated in advance. Register Now