Event Marketing Workshop with Lara Veltkamp

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CAMP - Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - Event Marketing

Lara, founder of Watershed Marketing, engaging the audience during the workshop

CAMP hosted its third session of the Town of Richmond Hill Entrepreneur Series, tackling the world of Event Marketing and how small businesses can use it to their advantage. This workshop was led by Lara Veltkamp, a trusted marketing advisor, consultant and mentor to her private entrepreneurial clients across North America. She is also the founder of Watershed Marketing Group, a marketing services firm, and she has received rave reviews from attendees of her workshops. Lara answers the following questions about Event Marketing : What Constitutes an Event? Why is Event Marketing effective? Why is it important to include networking into event marketing? Why would I take advantage of sponsorship opportunities? What are effective follow up techniques?
CAMP - Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

Attendees of the Event Marketing Workshop

    Lara’s full presentation: Event Marketing Workshop – Presentation An infographic on how to leverage social media for your event can be found here

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