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  The cloud, mobile and social media developments have made the Internet into a vast and ever expanding bazaar of business automation and service capabilities. An organization which builds their business on top of this layer of technology and services we call a digital workplace. The most popular online publishing system in the world, WordPress, is an exemplary platform on which to build a digital workplace for your business for a number of reasons. With its tens of thousands of plugins and themes and an army of inexpensive developers to customize it, WordPress is capable of integrating a vast array of business services and processes. In this talk we will describe and demonstrate how your business can use WordPress to transform into a digital workplace. Key Take Aways:
  • What is a digital workplace?
  • Why is a digital workplace important for your business and your work?
  • How WordPress can be used to build a digital workplace?
  • What are some example digital workplaces?


About the Speaker:Alex - CAMP Alex Sirota, Director of NewPath Consulting, is a pioneer in orchestrating cloud-based systems to meet the needs of small and medium sized business (SMBs). NewPath Consulting provides technology advice, services and training to educate and enable SMBs to optimize business activities through the cloud. Its curated and integrated suite of cloud-based products transform clients into more productive and profitable organizations. Alex is an organizer of the Toronto WordPress Group Meetup and leads the Toronto WordPress Group Meetup | North Edition launched this month. He was a speaker at WordCamp 2015.

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