2015 Experiential Winner: SongBird Marketing Communications

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Candace Huntly - CAMPHow can a start-up non-alcoholic beer distributor make a splash? By turning over their launch to relative newcomer Songbird Marketing Communications for a revolutionary campaign that targeted an unconventional market – pregnant women. Candace Huntly, CEO of SongBird Marketing Communications launched the PremiumNearBeer.com initiative with a goal to position the premium taste of the product. “When it comes to non-alcoholic products, there is a very negative public perception in terms of taste. Consumers are more familiar with grocery store brands, but there is a lack of awareness when it comes to premium product offerings,” detailed Candace. PremiumNearBeer.com saw pregnant women as an untapped niche audience, one that wouldn’t consume alcohol, but wanted more sophisticated alternatives than juice and soda. Songbird organized a unique mixology event paired with food trucks and product tastings – an unforgettable evening for an ‘expecting’ audience. “We had ten influencers at the event who all enjoyed the uniqueness of the activities. There was great engagement on Twitter leading up to and during the event. We obtained coverage on a number of blogs and online publications with easily shareable mocktail recipes that were designed for PremiumNearBeer.com products,” explained Candace. An impressive campaign for a start-up company with a minimal budget. Click here to read more about the campaign and SongBird. SongBird Marketing Communications were awarded CAMP’s 2015 Marketing Award in the experiential category, at CAMP’s Awards Gala on October 27th. “The small-but-mighty SongBird team was thrilled to win, both for us as a company, and for PremiumNearBeer.com! We really take the time to get to know our clients, so the work we do for them is quite personal. It’s always great to be recognized by industry peers as a result of those relationships and the hard work that goes into each strategy.” Nadine Evans, CEO of CAMP and organizer of the Awards commented, “Candace is an incredible marketer, and we’re thrilled that her work was recognized at our first ever Awards Gala. Her experiential campaign with PremiumNearBeer.com was an incredible tale of a great product pairing with a cool concept, and we couldn’t be prouder that she, and the SongBird team were recognized.” The CAMP Marketing Awards were launched in 2015, and recognized the work of 33 finalists in 10 categories. The 2016 Marketing Awards will open for nominations this spring with the Awards Gala set for November 2, 2016.

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