Four Reasons to Enter the 2017 CAMP Awards

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It’s that time of year again!  Registration has opened for CAMP’s annual marketing awards where marketers from across Canada are invited to submit their best work for consideration. With the annual CAMP awards and our new Online Awards coming in the fall, we seek to reward and celebrate those individual marketers who have demonstrated outstanding ability in their field. But, what’s really in it for the marketer?  Why should you spend the time and effort applying to these awards? At CAMP, we strive to elevate the individual marketer by providing professional development, information and networking opportunities that allow marketers to hone their skills and connect with like-minded individuals.  The CAMP Awards are one of the ways we seek to recognize members of the marketing community and the industry’s finest talent.

Four reasons why YOU should submit your work for our 2017 Awards.

1) Present New Ideas and Inspire Others

At CAMP, our esteemed panel of judges review and make decisions on some of the best work in the marketing industry.  By winning an Award, the individual or company has proven that their ideas and content are a cut above the rest because innovation and creativity are forefront in the work of the finalists and eventual winner of the awards. By submitting an application, you are only stating your belief that your work is worthy of recognition and also that you have fundamentally added something new to the industry.  As marketers, we are always looking for ways to obtain our audience’s attention and to inspire each another. CAMP Awards help to achieve these objectives with the hard work of our finalists and winners serving as an inspiration to the public and their fellow marketers.  2) Visibility and Validation With any kind of award, being a finalist or winner comes with prestige and attention.  By winning a CAMP Award, you are elevating your standing within the marketing community.  People sit up and pay attention to those who have achieved success within their industry. As a freelance or company-based marketer, gaining visibility and validation of your work and by extension, your client work is beneficial to both parties.  As a marketer, you are recognized and rewarded for your skills and your clients can be rewarded with recognition and potential new business as a result of their win. 3) Putting Yourself Out There Can Lead to Surprising Results “My content is not good enough for an award” is a popular sentiment when considering entering an application for an award.  Some would rather not try than try and fail. This kind of thinking is what prevents good material and content from getting the recognition that it deserves.  More often than not, just because we believe our content is not good enough doesn’t mean everyone thinks so. Having the courage to put yourself out there and apply, failure or not shows that you have confidence in your own work. 4) Have Your Work Judged by the Best in the Business At CAMP, we feel that your best work should be judged by the industry’s best.  For this year’s awards, some of marketing’s best and brightest will be judging the applicants and their work. Our judges are actively working to shape the marketing industry by presenting new and innovative ideas to the public.  As their work has helped launch the Canadian marketplace into the global market, their goal is to use their knowledge and expertise to evaluate your work. Win or lose, having your work judged by the likes of Mangala D’Sa, Marketing Executive of Pepsi Co and Head of Quaker Foods, and John Lettieri, Founder and President of Hero Certified Burger and Lettieri Espresso Bar, is both a privilege and an honour.  So, What Are Your Waiting For? Marketing is an essential component of business and, as a marketer, you work hard to study your audience and create the kind of content that will resonate with them.  You deserve to be recognized and honoured for the work that you do. At CAMP, we seek to highlight those individuals that go above and beyond their professional title in representing and shaping the marketing industry and reward them for their hard work. So, don’t delay and SUBMIT for one of our many CAMP Awards today!        

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