3 Ways CAMP’s Health and Dental Plan Can Save You Money

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This blog article was written by Aviva Abraham of Creative Planning Financial Group. For more details on Aviva, please check out ‘About the Author’ below. 

Are Your Medical Expenses Breaking The Bank?Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals - Medical Benefits

We know that your health directly impacts your business, and this is just another way CAMP wants to support you, and help you succeed. The CAMP plan covers prescription drug, semi-private hospital, out of country emergency medical, and basic dental, all at unbelievably affordable rates. Not only that, but The CAMP Select Flex Health Plan can actually SAVE you money on your existing medical expenses, and protect your finances for the future. How? Money saver #1 CAMP’s Select Flex Plan covers your existing medications up to $2,500 per year Rachel* a website developer, was spending $1,600 a year on medication, before joining the CAMP health plan. That was $1,600 out of her pocket, of after tax dollars that she was paying all these years. By signing up for the CAMP plan, Rachel now gets her existing medication covered, plus any other medication she may need, like antibiotics and vaccines. Even better, her business is paying for this, and Rachel gets personally reimbursed tax free! Rachel saved hundreds of dollars this year, simply by signing up for the plan….. Money saver #2 CAMP’s Select Flex Plan covers basic dental- so you can go to the dentist for semi-annual checkups! Peter* has 2 young kids, but since he left his corporate job 2 years ago, to run his own online marketing consulting business, he didn’t have any supplemental medical coverage. Peter and his wife had been putting off taking the kids to the dentist as much as possible. But when their youngest kid developed a cavity, and they got the bill, Peter decided it was time to get a plan. He checked out CAMP’s plan, which covers his wife and kids for twice yearly visits, and all the basics, like x-rays and fillings. In addition they would have prescription drug, hospital and travel coverage. His business foots the bill, but best of all- the price fit his budget. When Peter added up all the money they were reimbursed from the plan, he was surprised to find, he actually ended saving money by signing up….. Money saving tip #3 CAMP’s Select Flex Plan allows you to pay 100% of your medical expenses through your business, saving you up to 35% on your existing medical expenses Kathrin* who is an SEO specialist, wanted only the drug coverage part of the plan, since her brother is a dentist. But Kathrin called me to ask what she could do about the glasses she needs to buy and the massage she gets every other week. That is when I told Kathrin she can add a Health Reimbursement Option to the CAMP plan, and get ALL of her medical expenses paid for through her business, using pre-tax business dollars, instead of after tax personal dollars. Kathrin set up the health reimbursement option, and with the money she saved, bought that new computer she wanted for so long! *names changed to ensure privacy About the Author: Aviva Abraham is a Group Benefits & Insurance Advisor at Creative Planning Financial Group in Midtown Toronto. Aviva has been helping self employed and small business owners find affordable healthcare coverage since 2009. You can reach out to her at 416-545-5310 or aviva@cpfg.com. Or visit her website at www.planprotectpreserve.ca Want more tips on how you can save money and avoid costly out of pocket health expenses? Contact me for your 30 minute complimentary Healthcare Strategy Session

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