How marketers can leverage emerging location technology to drive sales, sign-ups, and everything in between

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Digital Marketing in 2017 – Location, Location, Location How marketers can leverage emerging location technology to drive sales,  sign-ups, and everything in between By: Mark Ditkofsky VP Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at EQ Works The location revolution has begun. As digital advertisers and buyers continue to uncover and develop more efficient methods to drive results for clients, more and more are looking to location as the answer. In real estate, there is a saying: Location, Location,EQ Works Location.   The same saying is rings true in digital marketing. Programmatic buying has been exploding in popularity of the last few years and as that ecosystem continues to evolve, location and mobile have emerged as key elements of any successful campaign strategy.   Take the auto industry for example. Auto has always been at the forefront of digital spending and there are countless strategies being used to attract new buyers. Many in this industry use direct publishing relationships, advertising with entities like AutoTrader or Globe and Mail.   However, these strategies tend to get very expensive, very quickly, and don’t necessarily lead to the right audience. The “Holy Grail” for most auto marketers are the in-market auto buyers: individuals who are actively looking for a new car.   Using location and targeting individuals on dealerships lots or who have recently been at a dealership has proven to be far more effective in attracting buyers, conquesting competitors and reinforcing brand awareness.     Still, properly employing location marketing tactics is not as simple as it seems. Most marketing platforms allow you to target based on city, postal code and even geo-fence certain locations.   While this will drive some results, this isn’t necessarily the best route to take. Rather, targeting individual locations and points of interest is king. Leveraging and listening to these locations for future use is a complex yet rewarding tactic.   Developing a location-centered marketing campaign relies on your ability to understand and predict your target audience and its behavior patterns. Frankly, very few buyers possess the know-how necessary to optimize campaigns toward success without a little help. Ultimately, getting results is what it’s all about and nothing is as trackable as online advertising.   Everything can be tracked down to who, what and where the ad was delivered to conversion metrics and other important statistics. This is one of the greatest features of online advertising and also one of its greatest pitfalls. Sometimes advertisers are too focused on online metrics when what they were really looking for was in-store sales.   Using location technology has also now been able to help bridge the gap between online advertising and in store success. Analyzing verified walk-ins from individuals who were targeted during the campaigns is now possible with greater accuracy and scale than ever before. Understandably, the demand for this grown exponentially.   Now, more than ever, advertisers are able to trace the success of a campaign from all angles – a real win for digital marketing. Recently, location technology has gone beyond digital and has begun adding value to other important areas. Brands can now engage in consumer studies and analyze the location behavior of their customers to identify out-of-home marketing opportunities. They are able to understand where their customers go, where they live, where else they shop and other crucial details about the consumer to ensure targeting, product and messaging are all relevant. Location is truly evolving quickly and being leveraged in ways advertisers never previously thought possible. As mobile usage continues to skyrocket, you can expect location advertising to be a significant beneficiary. Advertisers and marketers alike should embrace the location revolution for what it is: a win for everyone. EQ WorksMark Ditkofsky leads business development and strategy for EQ works a digital ad tech company headquartered in Toronto.  Passionate about big data and innovative technologies he assists agencies and brands in building and executing unique and effective digital marketing campaigns leveraging EQ’s in house proprietary platform.

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