Is LinkedIn good for online lead generation?

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LinkedIn is the most used career networking website across the world. With over 128 million members registered in the US and over 12 million in Canada, it provides a huge opportunity for networking and growing your potential audience reach. Historically, LinkedIn was seen as more of a job advertising website, but it is still very effective at advertising and filling roles for recruiters. However, one of the biggest opportunities that it provides is the ability to raise brand awareness for businesses. Marketing experts all know that creating great, shareable content is a key driver in engaging with the target audience. More and more people are using LinkedIn to source information across all types of industries. So if you set up a profile page for your business and you create exceptionally useful content that appeals to your target audience, then they will not only read your content, but also connect with you to keep getting updates and start to see you as an expert in your industry. As they start to trust you and your services, the more great content you create will eventually turn into lead generation as they start to need your services at some point. The really great thing about LinkedIn is that it is easy to share content with people, so if you create useful content, you can expect people to like and share your content, opening your network up even further. So, if you were to ask if LinkedIn is a good form of lead generation, the answer is yes – if the right content is used. Using a blended approach to marketing works best, so making sure that your LinkedIn account, social media accounts, email marketing, and your website all work together as this is what drives success. One thing that you shouldn’t expect is instant success with any online generation. Sure, you could get lucky with your first email campaign or your first Facebook page content, but often you won’t see immediate results. Online marketing takes patience and you might have to wait for the effects of your content to work over the long-term not the short-term. LinkedIn, just like any other marketing channel that you use, is as effective as you make it. To be able to create great content, you need to understand what your target audience needs. So for example, if you are an IT consultancy business, you could offer a 5 step guide to improving cyber security for businesses. What this will do is appeal to the audience that needs some help with their current cyber security infrastructure. They may then decide that they want to hire the experts that have provided this useful advice to them as you have shown your expertise and you’re your services well to them. This approach has opened up an opportunity for you to take on that work demand. LinkedIn is great for businesses and professionals alike, but always remember that high quality content is the most important factor of all!

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