LinkedIn Learnings with CAMP

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AugBlog4-FB-LinkedinLearnings Toronto, ON. It was a day of professional learning and business networking at the LinkedIn offices as Ismaell-Antoine Gaumond, Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn, and Michelle Oliveira, Owner, , conducted an interactive presentation on leveraging LinkedIn to increase business opportunities. With over 500 million people and 9 million companies currently on LinkedIn, both individuals and organizations alike are now able to make more advantageous business connections than ever before. The key to doing so lies in the best practices you apply towards building and presenting your brand–which Ismaell and Michelle were happy to share. Topics discussed included mastering your personal LinkedIn profile and optimizing your profile to attract potential employers and clients alike. This included items such as profile taglines and personal skills, which seem minor but actually play a key part in getting your profile noticed. The presenters also stressed the need to generate content of your own to present yourself as a thought leader, and for companies to leverage LinkedIn’s ability to craft stories around a corporate brand. “I use LinkedIn to know what other people are paying attention to,” says Lester DeSouza, owner of Elements of Creative Content. “So it was good to see the focus on stories, and how you could use that on your company page.” By doing so, he says, he would better be able to target potential customers and attract the right kind of business. The event was very well-attended, with an engaged audience that had many questions, use cases and supportive comments about what they had learned today. “I’m already an avid user of LinkedIn,” said Azhar Afridi, Digital Marketing Specialist. “But after today I’m definitely going to expand on my profile and look into using InMail more often.” Lovlyn Andawey, Business Development Manager for TOPdesk, was going to take the opposite tact. “I’d been taught to fill out my profile with as much detail as possible and make use of the space,” she shared. “Now, though, I think I’ll have to cut the fluff and make my profile more focused.” A lively networking session followed the main program, in which both CAMP members and newcomers shared notes and forged new professional relationships by–you guessed it–exchanging LinkedIn profiles.   Patrick Icasas,B2B Blogger, Copywriter, and Content Marketing Consultant LinkedIn:

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