Managing Content: A Long Game

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Managing Content: A Long Game We’re all searching for the silver bullet, that magic formula to get customers/clients/market share NOW.CAMP Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals If we’re looking for the quick fix, the reality is that a solid marketing content strategy isn’t it. Marketing content builds loyalty, advocacy, and long term client retention. It is one of the most effective marketing budget spends, with proven track records of success over time. Such was the message at the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals most recent workshop on Content. With speakers Kathrin Bussmann of Verbaccino, Elio Gatto of Social Know How, and Vito Marchese of Whiteboard Studios, advice on creating and leveraging content through a sound content marketing strategy, email marketing, and social media platform were shared with CAMP members and attendees on July 21st. “Social media is an amplifier: post your newsletters on social media to drive traffic back to your list.” –        Vito Marchese, Whiteboard Studios Vito Marchese (@VitoMarchese) was up first with a refresher on the fundamentals of email, and how to properly push out content on social media to pull potential clients into your site and ultimately grow your mailing list. With engagement topping the priority list, Vito encouraged marketers to A/B test format and timing of emails and utilize the data to build engagement lists. A concentrated focus on quality content was on the top of the list of Kathrin’s takeaways, as today more and more marketers are CAMP Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals suffering from content shock. Since content is an area where most companies are placing their focus, there’s a lot of content out there, and much of it isn’t great. To differentiate, remember: less is more. Understanding your audience is key to any marketing strategy, and content is no exception. Finding out not just the topics that are of interest to your targets, but the overall method is which they want content delivered is paramount. Some love podcasts. Some love email. Know this, and remember that good content needs to be provided to your audience in their preferred method.   “Content marketing is like building a campfire. Start with the kindling (like Facebook posts and blogs) and once the fire is going, start with heavier logs (like podcasts and e-books).” –        Kathrin Bussmann, Verbaccio To finish the afternoon, social media guru and all around entertaining speaker Elio Gatto trained specifically on HootSuite. For CAMP Canadian Association Of Marketing Professionals those that do not know, HootSuite is one of many tools that can help the busy marketer or entrepreneur set up a schedule to simplify your efforts. In true CAMP workshop fashion, attendees were busy taking notes for takeaways. Special thanks to Sandy Gordon of Epicure, our food sponsor for the afternoon, CAMP volunteers Carlo David and Kanahiya Manuja, and Tina Gaisin of Fill the Room for all their help with set up and registration. And of course, our members and attendees for joining us at our Content Marketing Workshop. If you want to check out our Live Blog during the event, check us at out @campspeaks under #CAMPmeet.   About the Author Raised in a small town in Newfoundland, Nadine headed west after graduating and fell in love with the bustle of Toronto. Her true passion is marketing and she’s spent the last 15 years in marketing roles, and is the co-founder and CEO of the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP). When she’s not connecting with other marketers through CAMP, Nadine is at the soccer field, gym, or swimming pool cheering on her two favourite munchkins, trying not to become that mom everyone fears. CAMP Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

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