Marketing Digitally, Thinking Profitably at CAMP

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Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

CAMPers David Di Benedetto (City of Vaughan), Fina Scroppo, Tina Gaisin, Michael Grammer, Kathrin Bussmann, Nadine Evans, and Matthew Georgiadis pose following CAMP’s April 15 event.

VAUGHAN, ONTARIO – Digital marketing is an essential part of modern business, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive. That’s what the City of Vaughan and CAMP proved to entrepreneurs one evening thanks to educational and effective presentations by established industry experts. The Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) brought a full house into the Vaughan City Hall on April 15 to attend the Marketing Digital event. Nunzio Presta, Founder and CEO of BizON, was on hand to host the event. “Digital marketing is a huge topic, something that marketers need to pay attention to moving forward,” Nunzio stressed. Speaking as a business owner, Nunzio said, “I’ve seen a direct correlation between when we put effort into digital ads and online initiatives and people approaching us and becoming customers. Being in tune with digital marketing is extremely important.” The Medium is the Message The evening’s program had been divided into two distinct talks, both from experts in the digital marketing field.
Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

Sponsors Mr. Black Coffee shares some delicious samples with our attendees.

Bassem Ghali, search engine marketing strategist and CEO of Green Lotus, gave the evening’s first presentation, 5 Steps for Improving Your Google Ranking. He gave actionable, practical advice on implementing an entrepreneur’s SEO strategy. “You have to fix your house before you sell it,” Bassem said, referring to optimizing your own website for user experience and SEO before implementing larger SEO campaigns. He also dispelled some key misconceptions about SEO. In one notable instance, Bassem explained, “search engines don’t rank websites, they rank web pages.” And so it’s in an entrepreneur’s best interest to optimize every single page on his site. The evening’s second presentation was from Robert Burko, CEO of Elite Email and Professor of Digital Marketing & Social Media at Seneca College. His entertaining and insightful presentation toured the entire landscape of digital marketing: website design, conversion funnels, SEM, mobile marketing and email marketing. One of the more important take-aways of his presentation was user experience. “Don’t think of the website from your perspective,” said Robert, stressing the importance of prioritizing customer experience. This customer-centric advice also applied to the sales experience. “Keep the sales funnel short,” Robert said. “Less is more. The longer it is, the bigger the chance the customer will quit in the middle.” Digital Marketing for All
Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

IdeaCloud/Idea Notion demonstrates their social hub product at CAMP’s April 15 event

The City of Vaughan has been a strong supporter of CAMP and the field of digital marketing, and tonight’s event was no exception. “The event was brilliant,” said David Di Bennedetto, City of Vaughan Marketing Coordinator and Creative Director for Arabella Magazine. “It provided people with an excellent opportunity to get engaged and understand the tools they can leverage, whether they’re a small business or a marketer trying to stay relevant within the industry.” When asked about what government agencies can learn from the digital marketing industry, David responded, “It’s to realize how fast-paced digital marketing is, and the importance of keeping skills relevant and updated, and researching new opportunities. It’s important for us to be able to make decisions and leverage tools before they become obsolete and before they lose relevance.” CAMP was also supported by a group of generous and dedicated sponsors, which included big names like Sun Life Financial, technology startups like Ideacloud, and entrepreneurs like life leadership coach Dave Berger. “I loved what I heard,” said Aline Ayoub, President and Founder of Ayoub HR. “SEO continues to be top of mind for many organizations, including mine. Digital marketing increased my conversion rate tremendously. The key is to be consistent, whether weekly or daily.”
Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals

CAMP’s very first interns – Carlo David and Fernanda Goncalves of Centennial College

With the success of this event, CAMP and the City of Vaughan are looking forward to cooperating on future events. “CAMP is all about keeping ourselves relevant and finding effective ways to learn and grow our businesses. We love collaborating with the City of Vaughan on these kinds of events, as the information is not just relevant to marketers specifically, but to all entrepreneurs and small business owners who are responsible for marketing.”   Patrick Icasas is a freelance writer and content marketer. When he’s not helping businesses sound awesome, he writes fiction and blogs about how to suck less. Tweet him at @patrickicasas to get a snarky response.


  1. Nunzio Presta-
    April 17, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    Great blog Patrick…it truly paints a picture for those that were unable to attend.

    #CAMPDigi15 was packed with great content and energy. It was a pleasure to be the MC for the evening.

    I am definitely looking forward to future events as myself along with the BizON team truly believe in the power of marketing.

  2. Richard Bone-
    May 22, 2015 at 5:09 am

    Digital Marketing &social marketing is considered to be a today’s generation .Marketing is do

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